Sailor Thanks Pod Of Dolphins For Guiding Him To Drowning Woman And Helping To Save Her Life

Dolphins are one of the most intelligent animals on the planet, and they’re also some of the most caring. There have been plenty of instances in which they’ve helped save human lives, but college professor and sailing enthusiast Khosrow Khosravani got to experience that firsthand while out on his boat.

  1. Khosravani has always loved the ocean. After moving to Marina Del Rey, California, he realized that a lot of people owned their own sailboats, so he decided to do some training with the American Sailing Association, get his California boater’s license, and buy a boat of his own.
  2. One of the lessons he learned would later come in handy. As part of his training, Khosrow Khosravani learned how to pull someone out of the water that had fallen in. He taught this to his crew when they set out to sail to Paradise Cove one day.
  3. While out sailing, he and the crew saw the dolphin pod. They were overjoyed to see the animals in their natural habitat and took some video of the pod swimming. However, once they passed by, Khosravani noticed something was amiss.
  4. They saw a woman’s hand in the water. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Khosravani recalled the harrowing experience on the water. “Once they passed was when I saw a hand in the water. It was about one city block away. At that point, I wasn’t sure I saw what I saw. Then I was sure it was a human as we got closer,” he said.
  5. A naked woman was floating in the water. Without thinking, he immediately sprung into action. Khosravani threw a floatation device into the water for the woman to grab onto it. However, she was too weak, likely from trying to keep her head above water for a long time. However, she eventually managed to grab on.
  6. Khosravani and his crew pulled the woman aboard the boat. They immediately wrapped her up in plenty of blankets and towels to help her get dry and warm while Khosravani called for help. The LA County Fire Department quickly picked up on the call, with ocean lifeguard Capt. Matt Rhodes heading right out to the boat.
  7. The woman was taken to hospital, where she stayed for three days. It was later revealed that the woman had been floating in the water for 12 hours before being rescued. She had been pulled offshore by a rip current and was unable to get back. The 26-year-old suffered hypothermia but made a full recovery.
  8. Khosravani believes the dolphins were to thank for the rescue. “They really directed me to her. I would have never, ever seen her if it wasn’t for the dolphins,” he told Inside Edition. Amazing!

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