Samsung TV Boxes Can Be Converted Into Cat Houses And Upcycling Has Never Been So Cute

Sustainability is a major issue for many companies, as it should be, and more and more brands are getting creative about ensuring their products and their packaging are as environmentally friendly as possible. Take Samsung, for instance. When you buy one of their TVs, you used to have to throw the cardboard box it came in into your recycling bin. Now you can turn it into a cat house or even an entertainment center for the ultimate upcycling hack.

This is upcycling done right. Cats love cardboard boxes even when they’re not technically turned into cat houses, so Samsung’s upcycling trick here is more than welcome. Just look at how happy that cat in the photo looks! He’s straight chillin’ next to his new abode. Best idea ever.

This saves so much room in your recycling bin. While there’s been debate over whether or not the things we put in our recycling bin actually do end up getting recycled, upcycling is a great alternative because you can actually see that mountain of cardboard that housed your new TV being put to good use. Samsung hopes this will help reduce its carbon footprint as well as bringing a little extra enjoyment to the consumer.

Samsung is changing their packaging to “eco-friendly corrugated cardboard.” Upcycling the brand’s TV boxes wasn’t always possible, but now when you buy The Serif, The Frame, The Sero, or other high-end TVs offered by the brand, you’ll be able to repurpose the box it came in and turn it into a cat house (or a ferret house, a mouse house, a hamster house, etc.) or even a mini entertainment center to hold your DVD player or Playstation.

There are plenty of upcycling options here. Samsung didn’t stop at pet houses and video game console holders with their new approach. You can also make end tables, bookshelves and magazine holders, or any number of products. All you have to do is scan the QR code on the box to be taken to an online instruction manual to help you build your creation. How cool is that?

You can even paint your new creation. Of course, Samsung’s instruction manuals make sure the brand’s name is still pretty visible when your construction is completed, but that’s no biggie. Get some paint and get creative and you can cover that up in no time. Plus, you’ll get to feel smug for turning an old TV box into something super cool.

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