Sandal Socks Are Perfect For People Who Love The Ultra-Casual Look

While a lot of people might think wearing sandals with socks is a fashion faux pas, plenty of people have embraced the look, whether ironically or totally legitimately. I mean, I get it. Sometimes you want your feet to have a little more wiggle room but you also don’t want them to get cold. The solution? Pop on some socks with the shoes. What’s the problem? If you’re also a fan of the look, you’ll think these sandal socks* are absolutely hilarious like I do!

  1. Too bad Father’s Day is over for this year, right? I feel like sandal socks are a total dad gift and something that dads especially would appreciate. However, that doesn’t mean that no one else will OR that you can’t grab these to put away for next year or even this Christmas or your dad’s birthday. You know he’ll love them!
  2. To be honest, socks and sandals are iconique. First of all, I live in Minneapolis and I used to live in Brooklyn so I know for a fact that hipsters love this look. The amount of thick white tube socks with Birkenstocks I see on a daily basis year-round is obscene. That’s how I know that not only is this not a gag gift (I mean, not really), but that there’s a major market for sandal socks.
  3. That being said, these socks do have a sense of humor. The sandal straps aren’t particularly realistically drawn and that’s kind of the point. These are meant to be funny, lighthearted, and something that you would give someone to make them smile. It just so happens that they’re a legit pair of socks that will actually keep your feet kinda warm, so it’s kinda like two gifts in one.
  4. Want some sandal socks of your own? I’ve got your back. Amazon can always be counted on to bring you the stuff you want and that’s the case here. They’re selling sandal socks HERE for $10.75 with free shipping. If you’re in the UK, there’s a store called PrezzyBox that carries sandal socks for £6.99 HERE. Enjoy!

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