Screw The Haters — I Love Bragging About My Relationship On Social Media

It seems like everyone hates on couples who regularly declare their love for each other on social media, and I’m admittedly part of one of those barf-worthy couples. Yes, I’ve heard the “psychology” behind this impulse that claims my relationship is actually not all that secure is very likely unhappy, but I strongly disagree. I know some people may think it’s “uncool” or a sign of underlying issues, but I honestly DGAF. I post my relationship to social media, and I won’t apologize for it for these simple reasons:

  1. I was single AF for a long time, and I’m genuinely happy to finally be in love. It took me a long time to find the man who makes me blissfully happy. Over the past several years, my social media friends have witnessed my single-girl rants, jokes, and memes and have laughed and been disgruntled with me along the way. It feels only natural to me that now that I’ve FINALLY found a great guy to spend my life with, I can relish and bask in my glow if I feel like it. I kissed all the frogs and I earned the relationship social media card.
  2. I’ve witnessed and supported plenty of my friends for doing the same things. Over the years, I’ve seen countless declarations of love between other couples… and not just for the bigger milestone events. I’ve witnessed every holiday, every birthday, and more surprise date nights than you can imagine. Forgive me if I feel like it’s my turn to brag a little bit now.
  3. Do you know how many engagement, anniversary, and wedding posts I’ve seen? For a while there, I remember not a week would go by without someone getting engaged and making a spectacle out of it on social media. I remember thinking to myself, “When will it finally be my turn?” Perhaps my turn is coming and I’m just documenting the beautiful moments and sharing them with the people I care about along the way. Why does it have to mean something more? What’s up with the incessant need to bring people down with BS research studies?
  4. Baby pictures. Baby pictures everywhere. I’m sorry, but I’ve seen more baby pictures on social media than an Anne Geddes calendar shoot, and if I have to see cute little humans in their every tedious moment, then I’ll post whatever the heck I want about my relationship without worrying about how it makes other people feel. I’m just sharing my happiness like anyone else.
  5. I enjoy sharing my love and positivity with my friends. When I first started posting pictures of my boyfriend and me and writing cute little captions and statuses in his honor, I’ll be honest: I felt a little strange. Not because I wasn’t genuinely happy or because I felt like a fake, but because I was worried about what other people might think. Then, I had a thought: why should I give a crap about what people think? I’m not going to avoid what makes me happy just to appease other people’s opinions and feelings.
  6. Social media can be depressing AF. Call me crazy, but I would much rather see cute pictures of couples and babies than some of the other things that come across my newsfeed. It’s no surprise that social media can often be depressing with the horrific stories and images of murders and animal abuse, the insane political divide, and hatred spewing left, right, and center in the world. Is my happy and lovey-dovey relationship stuff really that bad? I don’t think so.
  7. I know couples who rarely post that are miserable, so that psychology logic is flawed. The psychological research out there claims that couples who rarely or don’t post at all are the happiest ones, but I beg to differ. I know plenty of couples who seldom post because their relationship is so miserable and swimming in non-stop bickering and negativity that they have nothing truly happy and uplifting to share.
  8. I share other parts of my life as well. I’m not only sharing mushy posts about my boyfriend — I have other things going on in my life as well. I consider myself a well-rounded person who has other interests outside of my relationship, and I don’t hesitate to share my other interests as well. I guess I’m just highly active on social media is all.
  9. I truly don’t care who I annoy. I could give a crap about what people think about my relationship on social media, or I can simply live my life the way that I want to, and I choose the latter. Being in love and being proud of it to me isn’t “uncool” at all. In fact, I think our society could use a lot more love and happiness sharing. Even if it is on social media.