I Feel Sexy AF Ever Since I Started Taking Burlesque Classes

I’ve always enjoyed dance despite never being all that good at it. I particularly enjoyed watching burlesque, and while the very idea of trying it myself was terrifying, I couldn’t help but sign up when a class opened up in my area. Best decision ever!

  1. It’s perfect for curvy women. I have curves, and my stomach, butt, and thighs all jiggle when I walk. Not only is this completely acceptable for burlesque dancing, it’s actually totally desirable! This doesn’t mean you can’t do burlesque if you’re thin, of course, it just means it’s particularly welcoming to those of us with larger bodies. If you feel as though you want to dance but you don’t have the right body type, burlesque could be the performance art for you!
  2. It’s made me feel so much sexier. Burlesque has given me a new awareness of my own body and movements. Sure, the first few lessons were kind of excruciating, but it was only because I felt alien in my own body. After getting used to purposefully trying to be sexy in a room of random women, it feels so liberating to pull off burlesque moves. Even if you never do the dance anywhere other than the lessons itself, it’s such an awesome feeling to know that you can.
  3. It’s a little bit silly. Some of the best burlesque performers do comedy dance routines. While it definitely is about sexier movements, it’s also a silly kind of dance. This means that even if you don’t think your forte is the hip wiggle or twerk, you can focus more on your facial reactions or even adding your own comedy spin on wilder dance moves that you feel a little bit more uncomfortable with.
  4. It’s a good workout. Burlesque requires just as much stamina and muscle strength as any other dance. Not only are you doing a lot of it in heels, which can absolutely kill your legs, but it works your core and arms a lot as you’re chair dancing and crawling about on the floor. The best form of exercise is always exercise you enjoy, and for me, burlesque has been the most fun form of exercise I’ve ever tried.
  5. However, it’s not as grueling as running or Zumba. You still have to put the effort into making a burlesque routine good and you can’t simply walk through it without putting in any energy or focus. Still, it doesn’t leave you gasping for breath and shaking the way that some sports can. Plus, you often have to wear sexier outfits and makeup for burlesque, which makes me feel amazing. I’ve headed straight from my burlesque class to a public social event before because I was already dolled up for it.
  6. It’s very performative and indulges my dramatic side. You don’t have to be the best dancer in the world since a good burlesque routine focuses more on the energy and “character” you’re giving to the audience. The characters I get to try can range from sexy to cheeky to naughty to downright scary—there’s no limit! Instead of being focused on every single step, my dance instructor has always encouraged us to find movement that feels right and good for us, and if I forget or fluff any dance moves, I can simply add in my own!
  7. The music is awesome. You can choreograph a burlesque routine to pretty much anything from the more classic burlesque music to the more sultry contemporary stuff. I’ve done burlesque routines to artists varying from Michael Jackson to the Cabaret soundtrack. This inclusivity means you can explore burlesque with a lot of new and exciting music and figure out what kind you prefer.
  8. It’s helped me enjoy music in a different way. Now not only am I actively hunting out music that would make a great burlesque performance but listening to any of my favorite songs often leaves me daydreaming about how I’d choreograph a routine to it. This also has become another creative outlet for me, particularly if I feel stuck in a rut with my normal creative pursuits.
  9. It’s a great ego booster. Filming my burlesque practices is not only good for figuring out what needs improvement about my performance but also works at making me feel pretty damn good about myself! It lets me see how sexy and amazing I can be without any self-doubt because it’s actually me I’m watching on the screen.
  10. I’m inspired by watching other women’s journey. The age range and ability in my burlesque classes have varied so widely and it’s always been lovely to meet new women and learn from them. It can feel intimidating watching women that are slimmer or sexier than me doing a much better job at a burlesque routine, but those same women have turned to me and told me how difficult they were finding it! Watching them improve with their own dancing and creating wonderful burlesque characters for themselves is an awesome learning process to be involved and grow with.
  11. Bottom line: it’s fun! It’s honestly become one of my favorite activities to perform and I’m so glad that I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and got involved. It’s been so good for me both physically and mentally.
Leah is a Creative Writing student in the UK, currently suffering through ridiculous weather changes and having to learn how to adult.