Signs A Male Co-Worker Likes You But Is Hiding It

While many people would suggest keeping your professional and personal lives separate, it’s true that many people have found their soulmates at or through work. So don’t immediately brush off that co-worker who’s crushing on you; it could lead to something amazing! Struggling to know for sure if someone at the office really does like you but is hiding it? Read on for the top clues that a co-worker has a crush on you.

  1. He takes opportunities to work with you. When a co-worker likes you, he’ll take every opportunity he can to work with you. If you need a partner for something, he’ll volunteer himself. If he’s really keen, he might even suggest to the boss that you two would make a good team. It’s normal for people to try and spend as much time as possible with the people they’re crushing on, and it’s the same in the workplace.
  2. He compliments you on your work. In general, compliments are a sign of romantic interest. If your co-worker likes you, he’ll often praise you in the office. Usually, he’ll compliment your work. But as you get more comfortable, he might compliment you on other things too.
  3. He is curious about your relationship status. Does your co-worker always want to know what’s happening in your dating life? While this could just be the nosey colleague looking for office gossip, it could also be a sign he likes you. He could be trying to suss out whether you’re available to date or not.
  4. He hangs around you at work social events. It’s even easier to tell if your co-worker likes you at social work events. At networking drinks or office dinners, he’ll try to hang around you as much as possible. That’s especially true if he doesn’t get a chance to spend much time with you in the actual office. He might also try to get to know you on a more personal level by asking you deeper questions than he’d usually ask at work.
  5. He smiles when he sees you. According to Her Way, a co-worker smiling when he sees you often means that he likes you in a romantic way. It could indicate that he wants something more than friendship. This is also the case if he constantly stares at you, especially when he thinks you’re not looking.
  6. He takes his lunch at the same time you do. This is a classic trick that a guy might pull to try and spend more time with you. If you can choose when to take your lunch break, he may try to pull some strings so that he can go to lunch at the same time as you. That way, he’ll secure extra time with you in the lunchroom or might even work up the courage to ask you on a lunch date.
  7. He defends you in front of other co-workers. Does he always rush to your defense in the office? While this is also a sign of a good friend, this could show that your co-worker likes you in a romantic way. When paired with the other clues on this list, it’s a clear sign that he has a crush on you.
  8. He offers to help you when you need it. It’s natural to want your crush to see you as capable and competent. No one who likes you would refuse the chance to sweep you off your feet by helping you out. So if he always shows up as your office knight in shining armor, it could be because he’s crushing on you.
  9. He tries to spend time alone with you. Someone who likes you will usually try to spend time alone with you, away from the rest of the group that you usually spend time with. This is another classic sign that a male co-worker likes you. He might try to line up his working hours with yours so you arrive and leave at the same time. Or maybe he offers to walk you home. Whatever opportunities present themselves, he’ll always try to get to know you better by seeing you alone.
  10. He sits next to you when he can. If you work in an open-plan environment, a co-worker who likes you will always try to grab the seat next to you. It might be at the start of the workday or even in a meeting. And when he does get to sit next to you, he won’t be able to hide his smile.
  11. He wants to talk about things that have nothing to do with work. It’s hard to develop a meaningful relationship if all you ever talk about is work. This is perhaps the biggest sign that a co-worker likes you. He’ll try to get you to see him as more than just a co-worker by talking about other subjects, hoping that you have other common interests upon which to build a bond.

What to do when you notice the signs a male co-worker likes you

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If you feel like the signs are there that your male colleague is into you, what you should do about it all depends on the circumstances. For instance, if the colleague is your boss, there’s no way you should take things any further. If you’re on the same level, it might be a bit less inappropriate but still might not be a good choice to pursue it. Here are a few things to consider before making your next move (if any).

  1. What if it doesn’t work outSure, there’s a possibility that things would work out between you and your male co-worker, but what if it doesn’t? Workplace romances can get complicated very quickly and when they don’t work out, it can make coming into the office every day really awkward and uncomfortable not just for you but for everyone else you work with. Is it really worth it?
  2. It might not make your colleagues very happy. If your make co-worker is above you in any way, even one level above you, your other colleagues likely won’t take kindly to you guys dating. It’s no wonder, either — it’s a conflict of interest to get involved with someone who may or may not be in a position to do you favors or give you promotions or other benefits because you’re in a relationship.
  3. Tread very carefully. If you’re going to get involved with a male co-worker, it’s important to set some ground rules. You don’t want to do anything to jeopardize your job or your career at large. That means no PDA in the workplace, no letting your personal relationship issues seep into work time, and definitely no getting your colleagues involved in your relationship in any way. You really need to find a way to separate the two, otherwise, you could end up single and unemployed.
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