Signs A Man Loves You Deeply And Sees A Future With You

When you’re absolutely crazy about a guy but he’s not much of a talker, it can drive you crazy wondering if he feels the same. Sure, he treats you well and is a solid partner, but you just want to know that he’s on the same page as you when it comes to the intensity of his emotions. In case you need it spelled out, here are some signs that a man loves you deeply.

  1. He makes future plans. And you’re included. He imagines you being right there next to him whenever he talks about the future. Whether the next step is moving in together, getting married, or having a baby, he’s all for it. You two can discuss all those important details without a bout of miscommunication. And he does what he can to make you feel at ease about all the unknowns.
  2. He compromises. Love is not a one-sided street. If you’re putting in all the effort and not seeing any from his side, it’s a big red flag. On the contrary, if compromises are coming from him as well, it’s safe to say he admires you. He wants there to be balance within your relationship. One can’t sacrifice more than the other. And he knows that better than anyone.
  3. He takes up the dangerous part of the sidewalk. What sounds like a silly relationship test you’d see on TikTok, actually indicates his true feelings for you. Men are natural protectors, prepared to defend their loved ones whenever needed. So it’s only natural for him to walk on the most dangerous part of the sidewalk–the one closest to zooming cars. He wants you to feel safe. If he didn’t care, he wouldn’t do it.
  4. He makes time for you. When a man truly loves you, he won’t make you feel forgotten about. Any chance he gets to see you, whether in person or over FaceTime, he’ll take it. You are the most important part of his day and he can’t imagine going a long period of time without his daily dose of you. Canceled dates, postponed plans, or constantly changing schedules aren’t a thing with him.
  5. He doesn’t focus on old flames. One-time flings and exes are all in his past. He’s made his peace with old relationships. You are the sole focus and he only has eyes for you. You don’t have to worry about ex-girlfriends popping out of nowhere. And he doesn’t try to maintain friendships with old flames nor does he follow them on social media because he doesn’t want that drama in your shared life.
  6. He notices what other people don’t. Best friends and family members know you, but he knows you better. He can tell when you’re reaching your limits, he knows when you want to be left alone. He understands you’re stressed when you mumble in your sleep. He gets all your quirks and never once makes you feel like an outcast. He can tell the difference between a polite smile and a real one. It’s the subtle mannerisms he pays attention to because he wants to know and understand you on a deeper level.
  7. He respects your opinion. And he still takes it into account, even when he doesn’t agree. He’s not one to shut down your ideas just because they’re different from his. He listens and respects you all the more for it. Even if you two don’t always see eye-to-eye, he still seeks out your opinion. He wants to know what you think no matter what. He finds comfort in knowing he can tell you his thoughts without fear of backlash or judgment.
  8. He puts aside his interests for things you want to do. Want to take a stroll around the art gallery? Maybe you want to see the latest rom-com and laugh along with him by your side. Whatever it is you want to do, he’s all for it, even if he has zero interest in the matter. And, because he really loves you, he doesn’t complain either. What matters to him is your company. How you two spend time together doesn’t matter all that much as long you both enjoy it.
  9. Your dreams matter to him. No matter how crazy or unattainable your dreams may seem, he supports you. He’s in it for the long haul and he’s ready to do what he can to help you along your journey. If road bumps occur, he’s there to tackle them with you. Nothing is out of reach and he’ll remind you to stay strong and to keep going. He wants to see you prosper. And when he sees you succeed, he feels immensely proud. When he’s your biggest fan, it shows just how much he deeply loves and cares for you.
  10. He doesn’t judge you for your flaws or try to change you. Nobody’s perfect, but you don’t have to worry about hiding your flaws from him. He doesn’t think less of you for your imperfections, nor does he try to change you and turn you into his version of an ideal partner. Instead, he gives you complete love and acceptance, and that’s one of the biggest and most important signs that this man loves you deeply.
  11. He keeps his promises. He doesn’t pay lip service just for the sake of it. If he says something, it’s because he means it. He’s consistent and reliable, doing the things he says he will no matter what. If he ever has to break a promise because it can’t be avoided, he’s genuinely apologetic and goes out of his way to make it up to you. You know you can trust him to be a man of his word.
  12. He goes out of his way to make you smile. When you’ve had a bad day or you’re simply feeling a bit down, a man who loves you deeply will notice the signs and spring into action to put a smile on your face. He hates to see you upset or unhappy, so he’ll do what it takes to make you feel better. Whether it’s making you your favorite meal, dragging you out of the house for some fresh air, or just telling you silly jokes, he’s there to pick you up when you’re down.
  13. He puts your pleasure first sometimes. He’s far from selfish in bed and likes to give just as much as he takes. Sometimes it’s not about him at all – he wants to focus completely on making you feel good and that’s enough for him. It’s a complete change from your past relationships and it feels amazing.
  14. He seamlessly integrates you into his family and friend group. While you don’t have to accompany him to every family event and friend hangout, you’re more than welcome to be his plus-one to every event. They know and love you and you feel the same. You’re part of the gang and he wouldn’t have it any other way.
  15. He has your back no matter what. No matter what happens, he’s your biggest supporter and defender. He’ll always have your back, and knowing you’re not alone feels incredible.
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