10 Signs It’s Time To See A Therapist

Back in the day, telling someone they needed to see a therapist almost seemed like an insult. But the truth of the matter is that therapists exist for a reason: sometimes just talking to someone can help you gain some new perspective in your life. If you’ve been wondering whether or not you should give it a shot, here are some telltale signs.

You’ve stopped looking forward to things.

This is a big sign that your mental health is suffering. It’s not just that your interests are changing, which is completely natural, it’s that there’s absolutely nothing you’re really looking forward to in the future. Yes, that even includes a Friday morning Frappuccino.

Going out seems like a huge hassle.

There’s nothing wrong with being a homebody, but if your social anxiety makes you miss out on great opportunities with family and friends, it’s something you may want to work on because honestly, it won’t get easier. Even making an appointment to see a therapist will be a step in the right direction — it’ll get you out of the house, which will prep you for future outings.

You’re not sure why you’re acting the way you are.

Suddenly, you’re super irritable — with everyone. Someone can simply say hello to you and you feel like responding to their well-wishes is a big burden. This never used to be you before. Not that long ago, you used to be the bright ray of sunshine in everyone’s day. It’s typical for moods to change, but a bad mood that lasts longer than a couple of days is something worth investigating.

You’re having difficulty mourning a loss.

There’s no right way to mourn, and whether it’s the death of a relative or the end of a long relationship that you thought would go the distance, sometimes you need to see someone to get some new coping methods. There’s no shame in this. A loss will affect you forever, but being in full control over your emotions is such a powerful tool to have.

You feel like you have nobody to talk to.

If you think that everyone is against you, those feelings may just be in your head. A therapist is someone who doesn’t know anything about you other than the things you choose to share. They won’t be talking to you with any judgment — and that’s exactly the type of relationship you need right now.

Getting out of bed is a challenge.

When you wake up, you see no reason to grab a shower and get ready for the day. It’s almost like you feel like the world will be a better place if you didn’t actively participate. This is a big sign that you may be going through depression, so it’s important to get this checked as soon as you can. Yes, it’ll be hard and you’ll think up reasons not to call but ultimately, you’ll be so glad you did.

You’re having trouble at work.

It’s a big shame if you’re at a toxic job. It’s not all that easy to go out and grab an interview elsewhere, but spontaneously quitting means you won’t be able to pay the bills. If you’re having a lot of trouble with trying to manage your workload, or if you’re sick and tired of a spat you’re having with a coworker, a therapist may help you navigate through the issue.

You have no happiness for anyone else.

Imagine you’ve been trying to have a baby for a year but fertility issues are standing in the way. Suddenly, your sister announces she’s expecting. It’s normal to feel a little bummed, but it’s not normal to shut out your sister or refuse to give congratulations. If you can’t be happy for the people you love, you’re setting yourself up to accidentally destroy some key relationships.

Everything hurts.

Your whole body just aches. This is a sign you may be holding in more stress than you think. You might not even know what the issue is — it’s possible your therapist can uncover something that you’ve kind of shuffled away in your mind that needs to be addressed.

You’re having relationship issues.

Couples counseling doesn’t always mean things are destined to fall apart. In fact, if you’ve been having spats with your partner, a therapist or counselor can give you new, healthy ways to communicate with each other. Even though it’s great if your significant other is on board, you can also go in solo. In fact, that may be the best at first, so that you can build a little bit of confidence going forward. When you’re in the therapist routine, you’ll find it easier to talk with another loved one there.

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