13 Signs Men Are Intimidated By You

You smile, make eye contact and try to flirt. What happens? Nothing. He seemed interested, but now he’s looking the other way. The problem could be men feel intimidated by you. It’s not your fault. Some guys just can’t handle a strong, independent woman. Sometimes even the men who can are still shy about approaching you.

If you notice any of the signs men are intimidated by you, it’ll probably be up to you to make the first move. If nothing else, be flattered that the guys think you’re too good for them.

Guys flirt but never ask you out. 

It’s a classic, yet confusing sign. Why bother flirting with you if they don’t have the balls to ask you out? I know, I don’t get it either. I guess when they find out you’re confident, have a career and aren’t going to take any BS, they feel a little intimidated.

They seem overly nervous. 

Nerves are nothing new. We all feel a little nervous approaching someone we’re interested in. When a guy seems way too nervous, he’s feeling intimidated. It’s kind of like a little kid hoping their parents don’t realize they’re lying about who really broke the lamp.

They smile but don’t approach.

 Sharing a few smiles across a crowded room is usually a good sign a guy is interested. As much as he might want to approach you, he’s put off by your confidence. It’s in the way you hold yourself and interact with those around you. He simply thinks you’re way out of his league.

They don’t look you in the eye. 

A brave guy might still try to talk to you. The problem is, he doesn’t want you to know how afraid he is. He avoids making any real eye contact. It’s actually kind of cute. It’s a like a shy puppy trying to get attention. They both want to be petted, but let’s face it, puppies are cuter.

They act awkward. 

I know, it’s hard to tell sometimes whether a guy’s acting awkward or he’s just that kind of strange. Men who are intimidated by you might talk too loudly, stiffen their stance, push out their chest, fidget more than usual and just generally seem awkward and uncomfortable talking to you. All of these are ways for them to deal with feeling a little inferior to the hot girl they’ve approached.

They suddenly make an excuse to leave. 

Did you just tell him about getting promoted at work? Or maybe you tried for intelligent conversation? Odds are, an intimidated man suddenly comes up with an excuse to leave. His ego’s been hurt somehow and now he has to go lick his wounds.

They’re insulted easily

. No matter what you say to the guy, he takes it as an insult. Why? He’s intimidated and thinks you’re constantly judging him. He gets defensive and generally acts like an ass. If his ego’s that fragile, do you even want to deal with him to begin with?

They act jealous. 

Snide comments about whatever you happen to say is a sure sign he’s feeling intimidated. At this point, he’s just trying to downgrade how awesome you are. They’re jealous and just wish they could be you. It’s petty and stupid, but some guys think this makes them look better.

They suddenly seem competitive. 

Do you suddenly feel like the exchange has turned into an escalating tennis match? You talk about a cool trip you took last weekend and he has to share one that’s even better. He has to come up with something more impressive than anything you have to say. He thinks it’ll make him seem like your equal or better. You just know he’s probably lying.

They can’t talk to you. 

You know that little voice in the back of your mind that’s constantly analyzing every moment when you start flirting with a guy? Guys go through it too. Except when they feel intimidated, the little voice is so loud they can’t maintain a conversation. They get distracted trying to figure out how to respond or how to make themselves seem good enough in your eyes.

They rarely talk about themselves. 

A better man takes the approach of simply not talking about himself much. He’s intimidated and doesn’t want to look bad to you. Instead, he tries to learn more about you and find some common ground. It’s definitely a better way to deal and much more likely to make you like him.

They brag to overcompensate. 

You don’t remember asking how much money he makes, but suddenly he’s telling you. Did you really need to know how many orgasms he gave his last hookup? No. But, you know that now too. While some guys just like to brag, intimidation seems to make them run off at the mouth uncontrollably. Laugh and walk away.

They try to intimidate you

How dare you look amazing, act confident and be successful? You’re obviously intimidating men on purpose. At least that’s why he thinks. His solution – try to intimidate you. This is probably one of the funniest signs. Go ahead, have fun with him. He’ll eventually embarrass the hell out of himself and his friends won’t let him live it down.

You can’t help being who you are. Don’t feel bad if men are intimidated by you. Remember, the right ones stick around to learn who you really are.

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