Signs Your Soulmate Is Thinking Of You

You’re lucky enough to have found someone with whom you connect like no one else. You’re on the same wavelength, you’re each other’s ride or die, and you adore them more than words can say. Even when you’re not together, they’re constantly on your mind and you can’t wait until you’re together again. They’re likely the same, but how do you know? Here are some signs your soulmate is thinking of you.

What is a soulmate?

We often express a desire to find our soulmate or describe someone as such. But, what is the meaning of “soulmate”? While the intricacies can differ slightly depending on the person, generally speaking, a soulmate is someone with whom you share a deep, unbreakable, and often unexplainable bond.

While soulmates for many people are romantic, that’s not a necessity. This role can be filled by a best friend, parent, or sibling. Either way, the connection you share with this person will be intense and different from the relationship you share with anyone else.

Signs your soulmate is thinking of you

  1. You can’t stop thinking about them. Just because someone is on your mind doesn’t necessarily mean you’re on theirs. However, a soulmate connection is so strong that they could be popping into your mind because you’re in theirs. It just works like that sometimes.
  2. You have the urge to smile for no reason. You’re just going about your day as normal. Maybe you’re at work, doing some chores around the house, whatever. You’re not in a bad mood, but you’re not particularly overjoyed. Then, all of a sudden, you start smiling like an idiot and you don’t know why. That’s one of the signs your soulmate is thinking of you. You felt it and it made you smile.
  3. You had a dream about them. When you dream of someone, it’s usually because they’re on your mind or in your heart in some way. It can also be a way to illustrate the strong connection between the two of you. Wherever they are, they’re likely thinking about you and that’s coming through in your subconscious.
  4. You feel a presence or touch. This is one of the biggest signs your soulmate is thinking of you. That almost ghostly touch (but not in a creepy way) is them emotionally and psychically reaching out to you. You’re so present in their mind that it translates over space. How cool is that?
  5. They suddenly pop into your head. Obviously, you think about them a lot. However, if you’re otherwise distracted and all of a sudden, there they are, there could be a reason for that. Chances are, you popped into their head too. You’re probably thinking of each other at the same time.
  6. You’re sneezing all the time. In some Asian cultures, an itchy nose means that someone is thinking about you. Ergo, if you sneeze a bunch — more than once or twice in a row — chances are high this is one of the signs your soulmate is thinking of you. Hey, you never know!
  7. You hear from them as soon as they pop into your head. As soon as you think of them, you happen to get a text or call from them. How weird is that? Not weird, actually. In reality, it’s another of those signs your soulmate is thinking of you. You’re totally on the same page and this is a perfect example.
  8. You’re suddenly full of energy out of nowhere. Even if you’re exhausted or feeling run down, a burst of energy out of nowhere means something. It’s probably not the sixth shot of espresso you just had, either. It’s your soulmate thinking about you and missing you. They’re transferring their energy your way.
  9. You get goosebumps but it’s not cold. Again, it’s like feeling a presence in the room. All of a sudden, you shiver like a ghost walked in. That’s another sign of the psychic connection between you and your soulmate. It shows just how intensely bonded you are.
  10. You come across white feathers wherever you go. It’s long been believed by many people that white feathers mean your soulmate is nearby or is thinking of you. If you keep coming across them in your path, it’s natural to take this as a special sign between you and your person. You might just be right too.
  11. “Your” song comes on the radio. You rarely listen to the radio but one day, you decide to put it on in the car. No sooner do you turn the dial than a special song you share with your soulmate comes on. It’s too random to be coincidental. It has to mean something unique is happening between you and them.
  12. You swear you can hear their voice even though you know they’re not around. This is another of the most obvious signs your soulmate is thinking of you. You know they’re nowhere around and it can’t be them, but you’d swear you just heard their voice. How is that possible?! It’s just a soulmate connection.
  13. You see love everywhere you go. Ever since meeting your soulmate, you can’t help but be super attuned to love everywhere you go. Has it always been like this or are you only just noticing it? Love is everywhere and it’s intense and powerful and really moving. It’s funny how obvious it is to you now.
  14. You have the sudden desire to be the best possible version of yourself. You’re always aiming to improve yourself, but suddenly, you feel extra inspired to go after the loftiest of dreams. That could be because your soulmate is inspiring you. They believe in you and are your number one cheerleader. That’s incredibly encouraging.
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