This Shoe Insole Contains A GPS Tracker In Case Loved Ones With Alzheimer’s And Dementia Go Missing

Watching someone you love go through Alzheimer’s or dementia is a heartbreaking experience. There’s nothing worse than losing your life’s memories and your ability to function little by little, and it’s incredibly hard from the outside as well since you feel helpless. However, thanks to a company called SmartSole and their GPS-enabled insoles, there is at least one way to help keep your loved one safe if they wander off and end up getting lost.

smartsole insole

  1. Alzheimer’s and dementia patients are known to wander. According to a 2011 study, roughly 60% of Americans with Alzheimer’s will wander off at some point during their illness. A 2018 Australian study also discovered that people with dementia are more likely to go missing, with 20% of those found being injured and 19% being deceased. As you can see, there’s a serious need for a product like this.
  2. SmartSole is a shoe insole with a GPS tracker. It’s a genius invention, really. You slip the insoles into the shoes of someone with dementia or Alzheimer’s and the built-in chip, which has a cellular signal, lets you know where they are at all times. That means even if they go wandering, you’ll always be able to find them.
  3. You get a location update every 5 to 10 minutes. The insoles ping a server roughly every 5 to 10 minutes, and those location updates are then put on a map on SmartSole’s mobile app, keeping you up to date with your loved one’s whereabouts at all times. Not only that, but if they happen to wander out of a prescribed area, you’ll immediately get a text and email.
  4. The insoles rely on “procedural memory.” The reason SmartSole is so great is because regardless of how advanced Alzheimer’s and dementia become, most patients do remember to wear shoes since it’s something they’ve been doing their entire lives.
  5. Because the soles aren’t visible to the public, the person wearing them can preserve their pride. “This is wearable technology that not only provides peace of mind but can also save lives while preserving the privacy and dignity of the wearer,” the website claims, and they have a point. While GPS trackers exist in bracelet form, for instance, the insoles remain truly invisible to everyone.
  6. It’s not just for those with dementia. As the SmartSole website states, the insoles could also be used for people with autism or other developmental disabilities, veterans or athletes with traumatic brain injuries, or people with high-risk jobs.
  7. For $299 a pair, they’re totally worth it. There are monthly service plans available for 5 or 10 minute updates as well, depending on your needs. While they’re certainly not cheap, it does seem like a very small price to pay for the peace of mind you’ll get with knowing where your loved one is at all times.
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