What Your Starbucks Order Says About Your Dating Preferences

We’ve all been in line at Starbucks behind someone who can just never seem to decide what they want, or that one stickler who knows the menu better than the baristas themselves. Ugh, so annoying. Funny enough, you can actually learn a lot about someone’s dating preferences by what kind of brew they order. Is this true for you? 

  1. Caramel macchiato means you’re classic. Whether you want that perfect love story or just someone who compliments your personality perfectly, a caramel macchiato is an order for those people who know what they want and go after it. It’s a great feeling when you’ve found your go-to drink and don’t have any desire to look at the menu and try something new. Just like with dating, the caramel macchiato drinkers have no desire to play the field or see what other guys are out there. They know what they want and when they are in relationships, they enjoy their partner and the classic comfort they provide.
  2. Vanilla latte means you’re pretty basic. A vanilla latte is one of the longtime classics for coffee drinkers and Starbucks goers. When you are not feeling like being risky, taking chances, or even wavering with your emotions, you pick the basic and sometimes flavorless option. This doesn’t always mean that your love life is basic but that you simply enjoy the average and mundane lifestyle. You’re not into that super sweet, mushy love story, but you also require a good balance in your relationships. Just because others might say you need more doesn’t mean that is what you want. Sometimes less is more.
  3. If you add whipped cream and cinnamon, you care about the details. It’s amazing how a little bit of whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon can turn any normal drink into something that feels like so much more. This attention to detail carries over into the dating scene. Whether you’re thinking of ways to surprise your loved one or adding little touches like a note on the table saying “good morning,” it’s clear that you care about the details. The little things in life are what matter to you, and it’s important to find someone who shares your same ideals.
  4. An extra shot of espresso means you’re bold. Boldness is a great quality to have, and nothing screams bold louder than adding an extra shot of espresso into your drink. These people usually make for good dating partners because they’re loud and opinionated, but will stand up and fight for their partner if needed. However, it’s easy to become overpowering to people so remember that balance is key. 
  5. If you order black coffee, you’re kind of boring. Black coffee is boring and doesn’t taste that great, yet tons of people order cup after cup of it every single day. This speaks volumes to how these people are in dating relationships. Even if they’re dating someone that they don’t like that much, they stay committed because they’re either comfortable with that person or they simply don’t like change. It’s not a setup for the happiest relationship, but for two boring people, it may work out well.
  6. White chocolate mocha means you’re sweet and simple. If you’re a white chocolate mocha kind of person, you are most likely into the sweet and simple romances. You want someone who will treat you well and constantly make you feel special, but at the same time, you never expect too much. You love and accept people for who they are and have no desire to change them. This is because the white chocolate mocha drinkers usually gravitate towards sweet people.
  7. Ordering anything off of the secret menu means you’re fearless. These people are usually fearless in the risks they’ll take on romantic relationships as well. Meeting a girl online doesn’t scare them. Forking out a good amount of money on a weekend getaway with a lover is worth it to them because they don’t worry about what could go wrong. Whether it’s trying a new drink, a new sex position, or even a new sex toy, these people are fearless.
  8. Unsweetened matcha green tea means you may be a little too high strung. When someone is so specific and particular with what they want, it makes it almost impossible for them to date. They have no spontaneity or wiggle room. They have to know everything about a person before they even go on the first date, which then makes them look like a stalker. For the green tea drinkers out there, it may be best to simply take a break from the stresses of their brain and try to relax for once.
  9. A chai latte means you’re a good balance of sweet and spicy. Just like when it comes to dating, these people are very nice and loving but they also have a sarcastic sense of humor that could offend people. When Chai latte drinkers choose to enter the dating scene, they need to find someone who has tough skin and can handle the spicy side of their personality. However, it’s also important that the sweeter notes aren’t overlooked. 
  10. Anything crème means your head is in the clouds. These crème drinks are for those people who want so badly to love Starbucks but simply don’t. In dating, they so often are desperate for things to work out with someone but they never do. Their hopes are too high, they’re constantly disappointed, and it all comes down to a miscommunication. If you want a long-term, serious relationship, Tinder may not be the best place to look. Just like if you don’t like coffee or tea, Starbucks probably isn’t the best place for you. 
I am a 24-year-old college graduate from California State University, Fullerton. I majored in Communications - Cinema & Television Arts and studied many different types of writing. I am a creative person who loves inspirational quotes, coffee shops, Starbucks, traveling, tiny houses, Pinterest, philosophy, and debating controversial topics. I'm a sweet girl with opinions that I'm not afraid to share! :)