9 Reasons Love At First Sight Is Total BS

Sure, lust at first sight is a totally real and tangible thing — that gorgeous guy across the room that makes your heart (and other places) flutter. You want him and he seems to want you, but that doesn’t mean you’re in love. Here are 9 reasons love at first sight doesn’t exist and you should find something else to believe in:

  1. It’s actually a terrible idea. Love is supposed to be emotional and deep-rooted, so believing that you can know the minute you lay eyes on someone that they’re the one meant for you is ridiculous. Think about it. Is anything that lasts really something that happens immediately and without effort? Definitely not.
  2. Anyone who says they’ve experienced it is a liar. When your grandparents say their meeting was love at first, tell them to STFU because they’re lying! OK — maybe don’t do that to Grams and Grandpa, but you get the idea, but seriously, it’s basically their generation’s fault that we buy into this BS in the first place. You might be attracted to someone upon seeing them, but you can’t love someone you know absolutely nothing about.
  3. Love really shouldn’t be developed by “sight.” Lust after him all day long, but realize that the emotion of love is not rendered through the eyes. Love should take a little time and a considerable amount of actual interaction. If you’re going to love him, you actually need to talk to him.
  4. It’s really, really shallow. Have more self respect for yourself and for him than to allow yourself to believe in this garbage. We complain all the time about how shallow men are, but by buying into the whole “love at first sight” nonsense, we’re being super shallow, too! He isn’t going to love you just by looking at you, and you should be very, very happy about that.
  5. It isn’t based on anything that really matters. OK, so being attracted to one another matters, but not when it comes to developing long-lasting love. You probably won’t fall in love with someone you don’t find good-looking, but you shouldn’t fall in love with him because of that and that alone. It isn’t what actually makes you love someone.
  6. It’s old-fashioned. Where did this idea come from? Older people, when they were young. The idea of “love at first sight” has no place in the modern dating scene and needs to be left in the past.
  7. It perpetuates guys’ bad behavior. By continuing to believe in this, you’re letting men act like jerk and leverage sex even more than they already do. “Please, only look at me for my boobs and my butt and don’t bother talking to me! You totally know you love me just because I’m hot!” It’s like a dude’s dream come true!
  8. It overly objectifies women. If you believe in love at first sight, you’re counting to let women be objectified. Why would you want someone to fall for you because of your appearance instead of who you are inside? Sure, he could get to know that down the road, but he can’t love you without knowing that side of you.
  9. It’s stupid. At a very base level, its a stupid idea and you just need to give it up.
C. is an aspiring yogi and Ph.D student who loves her dogs, bright lipstick and to travel. Find her on IG @drparko121314