Step Away From The Boyfriend — You Don’t Have To Talk To Your Guy 24/7

Step Away From The Boyfriend — You Don’t Have To Talk To Your Guy 24/7 iStock

While it’s natural to want to spend 24/7 with your new boyfriend, it’s important to detach yourself sometimes and maintain a life outside of him. Sure, you want to build something real with this guy, but if you don’t spend time apart every once in a while, you’ll regret it. Here’s why you need to take a break from the constant chatter.

  1. You have your own lives to live, and that’s a good thing. When you’re not constantly by each other’s sides or waiting for a text, you can do your own thing. You won’t be suffocated by the relationship and will have the freedom to grow. This constitutes a much healthier, stronger relationship than the opposite. You’ll run into a dead-end if you don’t let each other have the freedom to figure out life.
  2. It’ll make your actual conversations more interesting. When you do get done with your separate days, you’ll have stories to share. I love catching up on life with my boyfriend and telling him the highlights of my day. It’s the best way to relax and rewind while also venting if I need to. It keeps us caught up on each other’s lives and I always look forward to that part of my day, even if it’s just a text conversation or FaceTime.
  3. You won’t be completely reliant on him to give you attention. Basically, you’ll know your worth doesn’t come from getting a text from a guy. If you know not to always expect that, you’re going to be so much better off. Plus, you won’t feel like you need to respond to them 24/7 either. I’ve dated guys that needed me to respond within 10 minutes, otherwise, they felt I was ignoring them or doing something better than talking to them. That mindset creates unhealthy insecurities.
  4. When you DO hang out, you’ll be okay with/appreciate the silence. Because you know you don’t always have to be talking to each other, silence will be okay. In fact, you’ll learn to love them. Some of my favorite moments are just sitting next to my boyfriend watching a movie or literally just doing anything without talking. We don’t have the expectation to always fill that void.
  5. You’ll also appreciate the times you do talk more. The silences contrast with the conversations you do have. You’ll appreciate what you have to say to each other, knowing there’s a reason behind every sentence of it. Like school, the words won’t just be busy work. The things you do say to each other will have an actual meaning.
  6. You won’t always need to have your phone glued to your hands. This is my favorite part, hands down. When I’m out working or doing my own thing, I don’t always need to be checking my phone. I hate to be that person who’s texting their boyfriend back while out with friends or family. It isn’t necessary because those conversations can wait for a time when you aren’t busy. Phones create convenience, but shouldn’t give you too much of it.
  7. You know he’s still there for you whenever you need it. You never have to worry about him being a phone call away when necessary. Sometimes, you’re having a bad day and need a pep-talk or you’ve got some free time and want to see what they’re up to. He knows those times are important to you and won’t be in the business of ignoring you. Plus, he’ll be so much more willing to talk to you because he knows you don’t always ask that of him.
  8. You don’t have to feel bad when you have a busy day and can’t call. Aside from the times when your S.O. really needs a conversation to get through something in their day, he’ll understand when you can’t respond at the moment. Texts with this person can go hours without being responded to because they understand you’re busy and vice versa. The best part, though, is that you both know the texts will be responded to eventually.
  9. The relationship will have a much lower chance of burning out. When you aren’t talking all day, every day, it’s going to be a lot harder to get sick of each other. I know some couples talk all the time and don’t get sick of it, but I think most people need a break every once and a while. When your entire life isn’t dating someone, you can flourish while still being around for them. Conversations won’t run dry, you won’t have fights about someone not responding right away and you’ll understand that when he’s busy, he’s busy.
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