Study Reveals How Long It Takes Guys To Know That You’re “The One”

While many women know pretty early on that their partner is the one they want to be with long-term, it takes guys a little longer to catch up. In fact, a new survey reveals that it takes men an average of seven months to decide whether or not you’re “The One.”

  1. Women aren’t exactly shy about wanting a ring. According to a survey of over 2,000 American men by the Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group, 49% said that their girlfriends had dropped hints that they were ready to get married.
  2. We think we’re slick about it too. The men who received the not-so-subtle marriage hints said that 54% of their girlfriends wanted to watch TV shows/movies about weddings while a whopping 45% sent their boyfriends links to jewelry websites or even pulled them into jewelry stores in person to look at rings.
  3. It takes men about two months to find the perfect ring. After that, about half of them hid the ring in a safe while 30% resorted to using a shoebox. If you’re expecting a proposal from your S.O., maybe you should go looking through those old Nike boxes still stacked in your closet. (Or, you know, you could just be patient and have it be a surprise!)
  4. Proposals usually always go to plan. A whopping 85% of men said they were actually able to surprise their partners with the proposal, which is pretty impressive. It either means they’re very good at keeping secrets or their girlfriends are very patient (or very good actresses).
  5. Marriage is a big deal. And the fact that guys know after seven months is actually a good thing. It means they’ve taken the time to truly think about the relationship and get to know their partners and they’re not just rushing into things without thinking about it. Of course, just because your guy knows you’re the one after seven months doesn’t mean he’ll be proposing right away. That might take a little longer, but if it’s the right relationship, it’ll be worth the wait, right?
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