Stupid Things People Do When They’re In the Wrong Relationship Instead Of Just Ending It

Anyone who’s ever had to end a relationship knows that breaking up is hard. Sometimes we try to put off the inevitable by displaying all kinds of problematic and silly behaviors, hoping that it fixes the relationship or forces the other person to let us go. These actions only end up making the breakup more painful and drawn out, so it’s better to avoid them and just end things once and for all.

  1. Cutting off communication I admit that I have been guilty of this in the past. I stopped caring about the person I was with and instead of leaving I just went cold on him. I stopped calling. I took forever to text back. I found ways to avoid talking with him about my emotions, the state of our relationship, or even things that we could do together. The more he tried to reach out, the more I withdrew. Whenever he called me out on it, I’d deny, deny, deny. It was a cruel and immature thing to do and I regret treating him that way.
  2. Sending subliminal messages Instead of sitting their partner down and talking about the things going wrong in the relationship, some people prefer to go on social media and post harsh indirect criticisms and cryptic comments aimed at their partner. Complaining about your relationship in a thousand different ways on social media isn’t going to make things better. Do yourself a favor and just walk away.
  3. Making jealousy the center of the relationship When you have to go out of your way to make sure your partner feels insecure or jealous, something is terribly wrong somewhere. It’s wicked to try to hurt someone because you’re too much of a wuss to break up with them. Turning into a jealous monster isn’t a good move either. I had a friend who started acting clingy and accusing her boyfriend of cheating on her even though she knew very well that he wasn’t. What she really doing was trying to annoy and frustrate him into ending the relationship because she was tired of it.
  4. Using any opportunity to bicker and scream ‘I told you so’ I know people who would rather fight with their partners every day about anything under the sun, than admit that the relationship is no longer working. They can’t wait to be right so they can rub it in their partner’s face over and over. They’re constantly keeping score of everything their partner does wrong no matter how small or insignificant it is. The blame game is where they shine. If that’s you, just do the adult thing and leave instead of taking your frustrations out on your partner.
  5. Practicing infidelity If you’re just going to go right ahead and start seeing other people while your relationship is still going on, you might as well just spare your partner the disrespect by leaving them. Cheating is not only stupid, but it’s also a recipe for emotional disaster. You could end up hurting your partner more than any break up ever could. No one deserves to be with someone who is overtly disloyal to them. You also deserve to be in a relationship that makes you happy and fulfilled, so exit the one you’re in and go find it.
  6. Complaining to their family and friends and anyone who cares to listen It’s okay to vent sometimes, but if you’ve gotten into the habit of calling your partner’s friends and relatives to complain about them, it’s probably better to pack your things and go. You can’t be running off to snitch on your partner after every little quarrel. They’ll come to resent you for it, and the people you keep venting to will also get tired of dealing with your crap.
  7. Getting physical When you’re in a wrong relationship or a relationship that has run its course, the things you used to find tolerable or even cute about your partner start to drive you insane. All of a sudden you’re contemplating murder because they’re chewing too loud. Watching them snore makes you want to grab a pillow and suffocate them. Your daydreams about them go from romantic to imagining giving them a serious beating. Best to pack up and leave rather than give in to physical violence.
  8. Creating fake social media accounts to stalk their partner There are people who have made it their life’s work to catch their partner sneaking around so they can use that as leverage to end things instead of saving themselves the headache by ending the relationship. They set up burner accounts and try to bait their partner by pretending to be someone else to see if they’ll make the moves to cheat.
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