I Subscribed To OMGYes To Improve My Sex Life & It Totally Worked

A website that encourages women to embrace our sexuality and teaches us how to have better orgasms? OMGYes please! If you’re tired of coming up short in the bedroom and want to discover the best way to tap into your own sweet pleasure, look no further. Here’s why you need to know about this amazing site (and no, this is not an ad).

  1. What is OMGYes? OMGYes is a subscription website aiming to break the taboos that still surround women’s sexual pleasure. Using groundbreaking research, OMGYes aims to educate its users on how to achieve better, more enjoyable orgasms. It offers tried and tested techniques for sexual fulfillment so that you can discover what works best for you and have the confidence to use them.
  2. Why did I subscribe to it? I’ve been in back-to-back relationships for the past six years, so with regular sex having always been on offer, I never really felt the urgent need to find a bunch of different ways to get myself off. Sure, I have my “lay flat on my belly and rub” technique that works fine when I need it, but the fact is my arsenal of self-pleasure moves is pretty bare. But, having been with the same guy for the past three years, I thought maybe OMGYes could teach me a few things that wouldn’t just improve my pleasure but could also bring something new and fresh to the time I spend with my partner.
  3. Admittedly, it did seem a little strange at first. When you first start exploring all of the amazing content on OMGYes, it might seem a little odd. These women literally open themselves up to you in order to demonstrate their orgasm techniques, baring it all with no shame. But don’t confuse this with porn because it’s nothing like that.
  4. I actually learned a lot of handy techniques, so to speak. OMGYes gives its users interactive teaching methods. It offers explicit, educational content, which includes videos of volunteers demonstrating different methods on themselves. It also provides touch-screen tutorials where you can practice and improve their own techniques, focusing on 12 key methods, including “edging,” “rhythm,” “multiples,” and “staging.” I was already aware of some of the methods the tutorials mentioned, but it was really helpful to actually practice the techniques using my touchscreen and then try them out on myself.
  5. It seriously improved my sex life. For a long time, I would pretty much put the fate of my orgasm in the hands (or other parts) of my partner without thinking to play an equal part in getting myself off during the act as well. This often led to me not actually achieving climax at all. Using the techniques that OMGYes taught me, I now have the confidence and the know-how to give myself a helping hand. Whereas before, I would simply accept the fact that I may or may not climax during sex, I now have a much higher success rate of actually orgasming.
  6. OMGYes also taught me to take more time for myself. Let’s face it, we’re busy people living busy lives and we can often forget to take time for ourselves. Whether it’s curling up in bed and watching that Netflix series you’ve been meaning to binge, or taking some time to give yourself some self-love, it’s important to take time just for you. OMGYes opened up a whole new world of pleasure possibilities for me and I have started setting time aside for myself to indulge in some of the new techniques I’ve learned. Doing so not only relaxes me, it also allows me to learn new things about myself and what I enjoy that I was previously unaware of.
  7. It’s been a great way to bond with my partner. When I first got OMGYes, my main aim was to learn new techniques so I could satisfy myself better when I was alone or while having sex. However, it occurred to me that sharing the tutorials with my partner and getting us both to practice them would not only improve the chances of me getting pleasure but in sharing the learning process with him, it would also be a hot new way of bonding together. He’d be able to do the techniques on me and through learning them together, it would introduce a new foreplay opportunity for us both too.
  8. It’s empowering as hell. Women’s sexual pleasure has been left out of our global discourse since, well, forever. While men’s sexual urges have been discussed, joked about, and widely portrayed in film and TV, there has been an ongoing double standard preventing the same kind of openness to happen regarding women’s orgasms. Cue OMGYes. Finally, the stigma shadowing female pleasure is being lifted thanks to this honest and informative website. It re-purposes women’s pleasure for their own empowerment and is truly an antidote to the way most mainstream films and adult movies suggest we get off. Because as we know, it takes more than just a thirty-second power thrust to do the job.
  9. It’s time for women to take back our pleasure.  According to Cosmopolitan’s Female Orgasm Survey, only 57% of women usually orgasm from penetrative sex with a partner, compared with 95% of men. That’s an insane orgasm gap! It’s about time we start fixing the situation, and OMGYes is a good way to start. For too long, women’s sexual pleasure has been left neglected, so here’s to taking back the power between the sheets!
  10. Basically, I feel like a new woman. It takes some time to work your way through the different chapters and tutorials the site offers, but I’m so glad I subscribed to it and took the time to master the various techniques they suggest. It made me realize that a lot of the times that I had sex, I thought it was normal that I might not achieve an orgasm but my partner probably would. Through learning the techniques on the site, not only have I increased my odds of climaxing, but I’ve also learned that I should treat myself with more respect and love. I’ve discovered that I never need to neglect my satisfaction ever again, whether I’m alone or with my partner.