People Are Sharing The Weirdest Requests They’ve Ever Received During A One-Night Stand

When you’re not in a relationship but you’re horny AF, sometimes a quick hookup is in order. Sleeping with a stranger can often be an awkward experience, especially since you never really know what you’re going to get until you’re already in the bedroom (or on the couch, against the wall, in the bathroom stall, whatever). Sometimes the experience is a bit, well, odd. That’s become more obvious than ever after Reddit users shared some of the weirdest requests they’ve had during one-night stands. We’ve compiled some of the best responses below.

    1. There’s never a bad time to proselytize. U/FuckSticksMalone shared that he got intimate with someone who decided to push her religion after they were done. “Got a terrible hand job from a girl and then she tried to convert me to Scientology afterwards,” he wrote.
    2. BDSM isn’t for everyone. While there’s nothing wrong with liking it rough, it’s important to make sure your sexual partner is into it, and u/thiscantbetheanswer wasn’t. “She wanted me to whip her with a cat 6 lan cable which is totally not my thing. Told her that I can’t then she started to cry,” they recalled. “A therapy session on how she is totally not a weirdo and that it is okay to want to be whipped ensued. No sex got done that night. I left at 4am with not a single second of sleep and contemplated the decisions that led to this point in my life while having a late night kebab standing outside my hometown’s main station.”
    3. Well, that’s a form of 69. While many people love to 69, Reddit user TrailerParkPrepper got a bizarre version of this request during their one-night stand. “She said, ‘I wanna do a 69 sorta, I suck your d*ck and you suck my toes,” he wrote. Huh, now that’s a new one!
    4. Knowing what you want is sexy. U/throwawayconfess13 admitted that while it doesn’t count as “weird,” per se, he was taken aback when “she explained very accurately how to rub her G-spot, and proceeded to squirt three times in a row. Hot damn.” Hot damn indeed!
    5. Choke me, but with a very specific color belt. Many people enjoy having their breathing restricted during sex (we don’t kink shame!). However, u/naedetails recalled: “She wanted to be choked with a brown belt. Confused, I said ‘my belt is black, that alright?’ She shook her head and said, ‘no problem’ then took a brown belt out of her bedside drawer. It was oddly specific, but it didn’t seem like a good time to explore the issue further.”
    6. Some people want everyone to hear. Redditor u/pERHHV remembered having a one night-stand with a woman who very explicitly wanted to make sure other people knew she was getting laid. “She wanted me to be loud with her parents in the room next to hers. She enjoyed it when people would hear it when she was having sex,” they wrote.
    7. Call me daddy… except not. While not everyone is into the idea of calling the man they’re having sex with “daddy,” one woman wanted to take it one step further. “That she call me dad,” shared u/Justforfun_x. “Not Daddy. F*cking Dad.” Yeah, that’s a bit twisted.
    8. Well, they certainly weren’t shy. When you’re having one-night stands, you tend to keep the freak sh*t to a minimum since you’re sleeping with a relative stranger. That wasn’t u/TotallyMommy’s experience. “He wanted to fuck me infront of a mirror. Which was fine. Until he started saying this like “look at yourself you whore!” And started getting really intense. It was bizarre. Specially for one night stand,” she wrote. “Another guy wanted me to take care of a doll he had. Like I was Mom, he was dad, and that doll was our baby.” Yikes.
    9. We all want to be stars. U/alexisir remembered sleeping with a guy who really wanted to feel like a movie star. “He told me to tell him he was hotter than Ryan Gosling… mid act,” she shared. Now that’s hilarious! Even worse is that she confirmed in a follow-up comment that he definitely wasn’t.
    10. Violence is never the answer. While some people might get off on being violent (and again, we don’t kink shame), most people would prefer not to go there. U/WayfareAndWanderlust immediately lost sexual interest in their one-night stand when the girl “told me ‘punch me in the f*cking face’ while doing it. Boner instantly disappeared,” he lamented.\
    11. Gotta feel good AND look good. U/slazer2k remembered their one-night stand requesting some time and space to spruce up their hair colour. “Can I dye my hair in your bathroom? I have this nice red colour with me,” the woman told them. Their response? “I was like lol what okay.”

If Reddit users are anything to go by, one-night stands can get pretty freaky pretty quickly.

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