The Guide To Surviving New Year’s Eve Without The Midnight Kiss

The Guide To Surviving New Year’s Eve Without The Midnight Kiss ©iStock/Neyya

Sure, a midnight kiss on New Year’s Eve might be nice, but it’s not that important. You’ll probably already be a little tipsy anyway, so it’s better to just save that kiss for when it’ll be more enjoyable. I know it’s still weird being solo, but odds are, you’re not the only one. Besides, it’s only for a few seconds anyway, so don’t let a kiss ruin a great New Year’s Eve party.

  1. Make plans with other singles. Avoid the overly affectionate couples by just making plans with other singles. Have an all girl party or make sure there are plenty of other singles at whatever party you’re going to. Even if you don’t hook up, you’ll still have others who aren’t getting midnight kisses, either.
  2. Kiss that glass. Forget kissing someone, just kiss your glass. Toast to the new year with a giant gulp of wine or champagne. You’ll be happy and no one will even notice how much you love your glass.
  3. Dress to impress. It’s hard not to feel confident when you’re wearing a killer dress. Besides, when you know everyone’s jealous over how you look, you won’t mind if you don’t get a midnight smooch. Go ahead and rock your single status by dressing only for you.
  4. It’s just a stupid tradition. I’ve spent plenty of New Year’s Eves solo and I never minded. The kiss is just a stupid tradition that’s been around for generations. The kiss supposedly brings you luck in love and life, but I’ve never found that to be true.
  5. Create your own tradition. Someone had to come up with the kissing tradition, right? So why not create your own tradition? Eat a giant chocolate chip cookie as the clock strikes 12 or treat yourself to an entire pizza. Happy taste buds have got to bring you luck right?
  6. Let go of the pressure — it’s just a day. You were single the day before, and unless you meet someone at a party, you’ll probably be single the day after. In the end, New Year’s Eve is just another day. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself. Love and plenty of kissing will happen soon.
  7. Keep a close friend around. Whether it’s a wingwoman or just someone to roll your eyes with when everyone else starts making out, keep a close friend by your side at midnight. You’ll feel better and you won’t feel alone as the ball drops.
  8. Enjoy everything else going on. So you’re not getting a kiss, big deal. You’ve got great friends around, probably alcohol and food too. Mingle, talk, have fun. If you stop worrying about midnight, you might just enjoy yourself and forget why you were bummed to begin with.
  9. Hug someone. Kissing’s nice, but if you don’t want to kiss a stranger or your friend, hug them instead. Personally, I think ringing in the new year with someone you care about is all that matters. So get close by hugging someone. It’s a celebration, so celebrate those closest to you. If you can’t be with someone, call someone and watch the ball drop on TV.
  10. Dance like nothing else matters. When you’re busy getting your dance floor groove on, you’re not worrying about kissing. Let it all go and dance like you were in your bedroom alone. Remember, you can blame any bad dancing on one too many drinks.
  11. Think of all the new possibilities. Tonight might not be going like you’d like, but tomorrow could. It’s a new year, full of new possibilities. Imagine your life through the next year. Let it fill you with hope and optimism. Let the potential for the year wash away any negative thoughts.
  12. Make some connections. Who said you couldn’t find a new guy while you’re partying? You don’t have to do anything but get a few numbers tonight. That’s what the entire next year is for. Start it off right by making some new connections tonight.
  13. Just skip the damn day. Remember how I said it’s just another day? Well, if surviving New Year’s Eve seems like too much to bear, just skip the damn day. Curl up with a good book or binge watch your favorite shows. Order a pizza and just focus on you instead. Who knows, you might even skip the dreaded New Year’s hangover.
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