TikTok’s ‘5-9 Routine’ Will Make You Feel So Much More Productive TikTok

TikTok’s ‘5-9 Routine’ Will Make You Feel So Much More Productive

Not all TikTok trends are worth following or trying for yourself. In fact, most aren’t. However, every once in a while one comes along that’s actually useful and can improve your life. The ‘5-9 routine’ trend that’s sweeping the social media site is getting big for a good reason: it makes you way more productive than ever before.


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It’s all about what you do after work. Many people work 9-5 every week, and when they leave the office, they’re so exhausted that they basically just collapse onto the couch for the rest of the night before passing out and doing the same the next day. The 5-9 routine flips that on its head and focuses on the things you do after you clock out from your day job.

Anything that makes your life better can fit into the 5-9 routine. For many people, following this “trend” includes stuff like going grocery shopping, meal prepping, cleaning up around the house, reading a bit, taking a bath, focusing on skincare, etc. In other words, it’s a fancy way of talking about self-care and basically everything that falls under the umbrella of “adulting.”

People on TikTok are loving this trend. User @matthew.campos has been leading the trend with his relaxing yet extremely accomplished videos taking part in the 5-9 routine. This is likely so popular given that people who’ve mastered the trend seem very put-together. Because the routine has things like organization, cleaning tips, skincare routines, and cooking inspiration, the 5-9 trend is aspirational at its core. This is one trend we can all get behind.


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