Taking Your Relationship Slow Could Be The Key To Making It Last

In today’s fast-paced world, taking anything slow is a rarity. While living your life in the fast lane certainly makes it exciting, it also makes it a lot riskier. Dating someone new is pretty thrilling, so wanting to go full speed ahead is a natural reaction, though it’s not always the best one. Slowing things down will not only help protect you, but also the relationship for the long term, and here’s why:

  1. Make sure he isn’t a player. There’s no way to get to know someone in a six month time frame, no matter how much time you spend with them. Any guy who’s good at playing games can pretend to be nice for that long at the very least. Pacing yourself in a relationship will help you realize if he means what he says, and if he’s who you think he is.
  2. Get past the honeymoon phase.All of us put the best version of ourselves on display during the honeymoon period of a relationship. Not only that, but you’re so high up on cloud nine that you wouldn’t notice the red flags you’d normally spot. Allowing real life to set in before you make any permanent decisions will help you see things through a much clearer lens.
  3. Make sure your goals align with theirs. Being on the same page in any relationship is crucial to it’s success. Knowing whether he wants kids, or if he’s a city or a country kind of guy are pretty important details. Don’t settle for anything less than what you want from life, and asking the gritty questions over time will let you know where you stand.
  4. You might lose interest. Going full speed ahead into a new relationship can cause a fast and furious burn out. Having a little bit of a challenge, or some mystery is what keeps the passion burning. If everything happens too quickly, what is there to look forward to? Enjoy the build-up to the milestones, and take your time getting to each one.
  5. Guard your heart. When you’re really into someone, like really into them, going slow means you have time to see if they’re on the same page. Investing everything too quickly is a sure fire way to be left heartbroken. Making sure to pace yourself will not only protect you, but allow you guy the time to prove he’s super serious too.
  6. If he’s “The One”, why rush?If you know that you will marry him at some point, it certainly doesn’t have to be in a month. If this is a sure thing, be sure to enjoy each stage of your relationship before you’re rushing to run down the aisle.
  7. Make memories before settling down.Now’s the time to travel, to party, and to be as social as you can. It’s not that you can’t do those things once you’ve settled down into true adult life, but you’ll probably have less money and real life tends to change things. Take total advantage of your free time and resources; one day you’ll be glad you did!
  8. It won’t be as disappointing if things don’t work. Breakups are hard no matter what, but it’ll be even harder when you’re already buddies with each other’s family. Investing too much too soon can lead to even messier breakups, and more people asking you what happened. As cheesy as it sounds, slow and steady wins the race.