Tanqueray Launches 3 New Gins Including Blackcurrant Royale For That Regal Feel

Tanqueray Launches 3 New Gins Including Blackcurrant Royale For That Regal Feel Tanqueray

I don’t know what it is about gin that feels so classy, it just does, and Tanqueray is probably the brand that feels most high-end. On the rare occasion I actually go out to a bar and decide I’m too fancy for well drinks, I always order Tanqueray when I really want to “splash out,” as they say. I’ll definitely be spending some serious cash now since Tanqueray has launched Blackcurrant Royale along with two other new flavors for summer.

tanqueray blackcurrant

  1. The blackcurrants used in Tanqueray’s new flavor are French. Well, we’re really getting fancy now, aren’t we? French blackcurrants and vanilla notes are at the forefront of this new flavor along with the floral notes of black orchid. Frankly, I can’t think of anything more perfect for the warmer temps that are soon to be upon us. Splash some tonic water in it and a bit of ice and that’s what I call a good drink!
  2. It even has a fancy inspiration. According to the company, Tanqueray’s Blackcurrant Royale was inspired by founder Charles Tanqueray’s frequent visits to France in the 19th century. The distilled gin is meant to convey the “extravagant and lavish” nature of the country, and I feel like even the branding is succeeding in that regard.
  3. If you aren’t into gin and tonics, why not combine this with Prosecco? That apparently makes a really indulgent drink that’s unexpected yet super refreshing. I would never have thought to put the two together but now that I’ve heard the suggestion, I’ll certainly be taking it! “We know gin lovers are looking for more than just flavor, so we delved into Charles Tanqueray’s history. Inspired by Tanqueray’s heritage and travels we layered sumptuous and mysterious flavors to create this delicious gin, best served with tonic or in a coupette with prosecco. It’s a gin like no other,” the brand said in a statement.
  4. There are two other flavors on offer as well. If Blackcurrant Royale isn’t your bag (shame on you!), Tanqueray has two other flavors on offer this summer: Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla and Tanqueray Rangpur Lime. To be fair, they do sound just as delicious! “Tanqueray’s premium distilled gin flavor range is made with quality and authenticity offering a sumptuous choice for gin lovers and cocktail lovers alike,” said Adrienne Gammie, Marketing Director for Gins, Pimms & Baileys, in a statement. “Each new variant has been uniquely developed with the finest ingredients from around the world. With flavored spirits continuing to soar, we’re excited to introduce this new range of distilled gins at a time when consumers are continuing to treasure new gins and trial new drinks from their own home.” Happy drinking!
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