Taylor Swift Megafan Sets Up Impressive “Sc-Eras Tour” Halloween Display On Front Lawn

If there’s one thing you can count on Taylor Swift fans to do, it’s be totally extra — and yes, that means even when it comes to Halloween. Swifties never miss an opportunity to celebrate the “Cruel Summer” singer, and Wisconsin woman Katelyn Mclaughlin is certainly doing that with her impressive “Sc-Eras Tour” Taylor Swift skeleton display. Not only are her neighbors loving it, but people are coming from miles away just to take photos of the decor, WMTV reports.

  1. Katelyn’s display includes 10 skeletons, three ghosts, and hundreds of lights. Each element of the Sc-Eras Tour display has been extensively planned and exquisitely decorated. Even neighbor Patty Storch is impressed, saying, “Definitely you see skeletons, but they are so well-dressed.”
  2. The response the Mclaughlin family has received has been overwhelming. “Everybody’s just been really positive,” she tells NBC 15. The effort has paid off, it seems — her house in Sun Prairie is a big favorite in the area.
  3. Katelyn came up with the idea after seeing Swift in concert back in June 2023. After seeing the way Taylor Swift celebrated the different phases of her career, Katelyn knew there was a way to incorporate that into her Halloween decorations. “In one of her acts she brings out all of her past eras in these glass boxes, cages, reflecting on her past albums, wearing the iconic outfits from different music videos,” she recalled. “In August I was talking to my husband and I was like oh my gosh, we should decorate our skeletons as the Eras Tour!”
  4. She hand-made all the outfits worn by the skeleton. While many people might cut corners, Katelyn Mclaughlin wanted her Sc-Eras Tour Halloween display to be special, so she hand-made every single item of clothing, representing outfits worn by the singer over the years. “I just hope it makes them smile,” she says.
  5. She’s not the only one who had this idea. Social media has been flooded with Taylor Swift Halloween decor, so Swifties are certainly getting in the spirit this year!


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