How To Tell If A Guy Is Worth It On The Very First Date

A first date isn’t always enough to tell if a guy will actually be worth your time and effort, but it usually is. If you’re wondering how to determine if this man deserves a second date or not, ask yourself if he’s doing these things that prove he’s earned himself a second date with you:

  1. He plans a real date, not a casual hangout. If a guy tries to hang out for the first time by just chillin’ at his place, that’s not a good sign. If you’re looking for a real relationship, you want a guy who plans something romantic where you can really get to know each other. Whether that’s dinner, a movie, or something active like hiking, he should put some thought into it.
  2. He makes an effort on his appearance. If a guy put time into making himself look nice for you, that’s a huge plus. You don’t want a guy who show up in sweats and messy hair. Wearing something decent and showing up well-groomed shows that he thinks your worth his time and he wants to impress you. It also lets you know what to expect during a relationship — if he stops making an effort, something might be wrong.
  3. He behaves like a gentleman. Chivalry isn’t dead, or at least it shouldn’t be. There are guys out there who still behave like gentlemen! If a guy picks you up, opens the door for you, and treats you with basic decency, he’s a keeper. You should also pay attention to his table manners because no one wants a slob.
  4. He’s genuinely happy to be there. If he seems anxious, keeps checking his watch, and doesn’t seem interested in answering your questions, he sees you as an inconvenience. He should be there in the moment with you with a smile on his face and paying attention to you during the date. If he’s not, make sure this is both your first and last date.
  5. He’s paying attention to you. It says a lot when a guy’s eyes don’t glaze over as you’re telling him about yourself. A man who’s really worth your time won’t just half-heartedly listen to you; he’ll remember what you say and stay involved in the conversation. If he’s not, it’s not going to get any better during the second date.
  6. He treats others with respect. If you’re out at a restaurant or doing something that involves interacting with other people, pay attention to how he’s treating them. If he’s being rude, stingy, or making fun of them, he’s not the type of guy you want to have a relationship with. If he will treat those people like that, who’s to say he won’t end up treating you, your friends, or your family that way as well?
  7. He speaks fondly of his friends and family. You can tell a lot about someone by how they talk about the people they’re closest to. If he’s saying nice things about the people he’s holds dear, that’s great. If he’s bad-mouthing them, that’s a clear sign that this guy is not worth your time. Dating someone with negative energy like that isn’t a good idea.
  8. He doesn’t bring up other women (unless you ask). If a guy is constantly talking about other women and his exes, he’s a player and proud of it. Not to mention he’s also extremely disrespectful. He should never bring up other women unless you ask him about it. Instead, he should keep the conversations focused on you and him.
  9. He wants to get to know you. Is he just going on and on about himself, or is he asking you questions and getting to know you? A guy who’s serious about dating you will make sure he’s engaged in conversation and getting to know you the best he can. He’ll push passed the basics and dig deep to learn about who you are.
  10. He doesn’t try to take you home. This is a great indicator that he’s not just looking for a one-night stand. A goodnight kiss is okay if the date goes well, but a truly decent man will be willing to wait on the other stuff because he actually likes and respects you. A guy who’s not just looking for a hookup is worth getting to know.
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