He Texts All The Time But Still Hasn’t Asked You Out — WTF??

You look forward to his text messages every day. He’s saying just the right things, but oddly enough, he’s not really trying to take things any further. There are many reasons why a guy will blow up your inbox but avoids actually asking you out on a date, so what gives?

  1. He Doesn’t Know Whether Or Not You’re Actually Interested. Some girls are so focused on getting asked out on a date that they fail to let the poor guy know they’re actually interested. If he’s unsure about how you really feel, he’s not going to run the risk of getting rejected. Now, if you’ve thrown out all the right hints and he still isn’t budging, you’re just wasting your time.
  2. He’s Not Into You. I hate to sound cliché, but he’s just not that into you. Some guys see nothing wrong with texting a girl they’re not even interested in. They just want to look cool in front of their friends when they get a new text message notification on their phone. Stop being his pen pal and quit replying. He’ll get the hint soon enough that you’re not willing to be his toy.
  3. He Has Personal Issues. If a guy really likes you but he’s dealing with some personal issues, it might cause him some delays when it comes to setting a date. Maybe his finances are in shambles or one of his parents is in and out of the hospital. A lot of guys can’t multitask for stuff, so if there’s something going on in his life that needs his full focus, a date with you will have to wait.
  4. He’s Actually Taken. I know it’s hard to believe, but some guys will still interact with other women even if they’re taken. He could be in a relationship or even married — it really doesn’t matter. The fact is, he’s not available but he loves the attention he’s getting from you! Some guys don’t see texting another woman as cheating, so he probably doesn’t think he’s doing anything wrong. He’s never going to ask you out if he’s attached to someone, so if you have an inkling that he’s in a relationship, stop feeding his ego by being his texting buddy.
  5. He’s Just Bored. Maybe you’re his go-to person to text when he’s bored at work or at a school. Yup, he’s just using for entertainment, but you don’t have to put up with it. If he always seems to text you when he’s trying to pass the time but he never asks you out, drop him!
  6. You’re One of Many. If he’s always texting you but he won’t plan a real date, you could be one of many girls he’s flirting with. Some guys will keep a bunch of girls in rotation, and this weekend is not your weekend. Next weekend isn’t looking too great either. If you want a guy who will take you out a few times a week and put his focus on you and only you, this guy isn’t the one.
  7. He’s Shy. Guys know they’re expected to ask a girl out when they’re interested, but not all guys are straightforward. Some are actually a bit shy and it takes them a few weeks to muster up the courage. If you think he’s worth it, give him some time to grow some balls before you cut him off. Or, better yet, make the first move and take the pressure off of him!
  8. He’s Looking for a Hookup. If he’s a player, he could be texting you to see how you respond to his sexual advances. He’s not looking to share a romantic dinner with you in a pricey restaurant — he wants to see what you look like in your birthday suit! If he’s not asking you out but the conversation is getting more and more raunchy, he’s looking for a hookup, not a girlfriend.
  9. He’s Playing Hard to Get. Girls aren’t the only ones who play hard to get — some guys do it too. He might be the type of guy who expects women to do the chasing. I know, sounds ridiculous, right? But some guys just aren’t into pursuing women that they like. They’d prefer that you try to win them over. If you’re down for this type of relationship then have at it.
  10. He’s a Commitment-Phobe. I hate the term “commitment-phobe” but it’s the only way to describe guys who are scared about relationships. If a guy’s constantly texting you but won’t make plans, he could be deathly afraid of committing. I know, you’re just trying to go on a date — it’s not like you’re asking him to give you his last name! Still, commitment-phobes think so far into the future that it completely screws up every situation in the present. If he’s afraid of getting tied down and losing his freedom, there’s nothing you can do nor say to make him commit to something, even something as small as a harmless date.
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