The 5 Foods You Should Be Eating For Better Orgasms

Sex can be amazing even if you don’t experience the big O, but let’s be real: We all want to get off. And while your ability to come is down to a lot of different things, from stress levels to your comfort with your partner to your hormones, there’s one aspect of pleasure you can be in charge of, and that’s your diet. Below are five of the best foods for better orgasms you should throw in your shopping cart the next time you’re at the supermarket.


Beets boost nitric oxide levels in the body big time, which helps both heart health and sexual wellness. That’s because nitric oxide relaxes your blood vessels and improves blood flow (meaning it can help men with erections, too). It’s even better when it’s fermented since your vaginal microbiome will the benefits of lactobacillus bacteria, which your lady bits love.


Eating pomegranate regularly has been proven to reduce blood sugar and pressure as well as possibly promote fertility. However, it’s also one of the best foods for more and better orgasms, with one study published in The Iranian Journal of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Infertility finding that pomegranate peel gel made women’s orgasms way better and more intense. Of course, if you don’t want to use (or don’t have access to) said gel, simply drinking pomegranate juice can raise testosterone levels and improve blood flow, which are both great things when it comes to having good sex.

Green leafy veg

Doctors always tell us to eat our greens, and while this is good advice for overall health, the veggies in this category are also some of the best foods for better orgasms. That’s because they boost histamine production, and we need histamines to come. Your libido will also benefit thanks to the high folic acid, magnesium, and calcium content. Health from all angles!

Dark chocolate

If you’re more of a white or milk chocolate fan, switching to dark chocolate could make a big difference to your sex life. Chocolate is a well-known aphrodisiac, largely because of its positive effects on blood flow to the brain and heart. Not only that, but dark chocolate in particular releases feel-good hormones into your body that make getting horny a whole lot more likely. And ladies, we get the added bonus of increased sexual pleasure from eating dark chocolate, so eat up!


Foodies know that garlic makes everything more delicious, and it also happens to be one of the best foods for better orgasms. Many different studies have suggested that the compounds in garlic can increase blood flow, especially for men. That means stronger and more long-lasting erections, which increases women’s chances of coming. It’s also chock full of antioxidants, which is good for overall health. Just make sure you brush your teeth before going at it!

Jennifer Still is a writer and editor with more than 10 years of experience. The managing editor of Bolde, she has bylines in Vanity Fair, Business Insider, The New York Times, Glamour, Bon Appetit, and many more. You can follow her on Twitter @jenniferlstill