The Broke Girl’s Guide to Living Life to the Fullest

  1. Look for travel deals. There are plenty of ways to see the world without having to spend a fortune. Look at last minute deals, get flight alerts from SkyScanner and plan your trips way ahead of time for the best deals.
  2. Take up couchsurfing. Couch surfing (and sites like AirBNB) is becoming more and more common these days, and provide you with a fantastic opportunity to travel at minimal cost while also making some really cool new friends.
  3. Spend time with friends and family. The fullest lives are those spent with the ones we love, so don’t overlook your friends and family when you’re looking to improve your life.
  4. Look up free activities in your town. Have you ever hiked the mountain behind your house? Have you dipped more than a toe or two in your local river or visited your grandparents in the country in the last 10 years? Sometimes we can have so much fun by just looking around us for free experiences. Plus, big cities offer loads of free experiences for the budget-conscious, so you’ll never be short on things to do.
  5. Try to say “yes” more. Saying “yes” to your friends’ work parties, a friend of a friend’s house party, or an experimental new program that your work is putting together can end up leading to some amazing adventures! Get out of your comfort zone and see what happens.
  6. Ask to join in. When I was visiting Hawaii years ago, there was a trail I really wanted to hike but it was far away and none of our group could drive. When talking to a fellow traveler in our hostel, she mentioned that she was going to do it the next day, so I just straight up asked her if I could come along. She said yes, and that road trip lead me to my first waterfall jump, too! I had one of the most memorable days of my life and didn’t spend a penny. You just never know what you can achieve by just asking.
  7. Practice mindfulness. If there’s one thing that will always hold you back in this world, it’s being distracted by things that just don’t matter. If you’re the type of person that dwells on a conversation that happened 2 weeks ago, then practicing mindfulness will help you move out of the past and focus on the now. You’ll be happier every single second for it.
  8. DIY. DIY isn’t just a solution for those of us strapped for cash (although, it’s great for that too) but it’s actually a very fun and rewarding way to spend time. You can create gifts for friends, make your living space more welcoming, or just learn a new skill!
  9. Host potluck parties where everyone contributes. Hosting parties can be costly, but if you’re into DIY and you ask all of your friends to contribute with food and drink, then it can be a really cheap way to have fun! Think of some themes that will add to the novelty of the event and make for some really fond memories.
  10. Get out of your clothes rut by thrifting. Hey, even celebs do it. Thrifting is all the new rage, so take advantage of this pocket-friendly trend and update your wardrobe with some pieces with character.
  11. Always pack a lunch and a coffee thermos. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you can’t do certain things because you don’t have the funds to. Start bringing out a coffee thermos and snacks wherever you go, and you’ll eventually notice how much money you’re saving on the little things. This frees you up your funds so you can spend them on other things!
  12. Enter competitions. And encourage your partner and friends to do the same! You never know what you could win. I’m still hoping to win a sun holiday this year…
  13. Be a giant kid. Being a kid doesn’t cost any money. Build a fort. Play hopscotch. Play board-games. Play pranks on other people. The aim of the game is to enjoy yourself and have a laugh.
  14. Keep an eye on deals from Groupon/Living Social. It’s super easy to stay connected with the latest deals on these sites, and they can be seriously amazing! From cheap hotels, to luxury spa days, to eating at restaurants you might never have been able to afford… Groupon can open up a whole new world for you!
  15. Take advantage of Early Bird menus and happy hour. Because why spend more money on something that you can get for cheaper?
  16. Enjoy your hobbies more and try new ones. Find a hobby that you really like and make time to indulge in it!
  17. Laugh every day. Laughing doesn’t cost you a penny, and you’d be surprised how much even a forced laugh can put you in a great mood
Sarah is a full-time content marketer, part-time freelancer. She’s a serial hobbyist (which just means that she does a lot of random things, but none of them particularly well). Her real talent lies in her ability to consume copious amounts of wine, whilst discussing feminism and reading A Song of Ice and Fire for the 8th time... All while saving puppies from burning houses, of course. You can see more of her work here, or pop over to Twitter and say “‘ello ‘ello” @daughterdipstik