The Zodiac Signs Ranked From Most To Least Bad Tempered

The Zodiac Signs Ranked From Most To Least Bad Tempered

From the hot-headed to the cool-tempered, every zodiac sign has its own way of handling anger. Some signs are known for their quick fuses and explosive outbursts, while others are masters of keeping their composure. So, which is which? Here are the signs ranked from most to least bad-tempered, based on the typical traits and tendencies associated with each one. Let’s dive in and see where each sign lands.


Aries, you’re the hothead of the zodiac, Allure confirms. Your fiery temper flares up at the slightest provocation. You’ll snap at your best friend, slam doors, and throw things in a fit of rage. But just as quickly as your anger ignites, it burns out. Five minutes later, you’ve forgotten what you were even mad about while everyone else is still cowering from your outburst. Learn to count to ten before blowing up.

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Scorpio, your temper may not erupt as often as Aries, but when it does, oh boy. You’re the master of the cold, cutting remark. Your sharp tongue can flay someone’s ego to ribbons. Beneath your cool exterior, resentment and jealousy seethe, ready to lash out. When you’re wronged, you don’t get mad – you get even, plotting vicious revenge. Maybe it’s time to let go of those grudges before they poison you.

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Leo, you’re usually a ray of sunshine, but when someone dents your pride, your regal rage comes out. How dare they defy you? Don’t they know who you are? You’ll roar and throw a tantrum worthy of a toddler, making sure the whole kingdom knows of your displeasure. But you’re so charismatic, you’ll soon persuade everyone to see it your way. Maybe dial back the dramatics just a tad, your Highness.

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Taurus, you’re generally a peaceful soul, content to graze in your pasture. But when something disrupts your comfort or routine, your temper is like a charging bull. You’ll dig in your heels, snort and paw the ground, and gods help anyone who tries to move you. Your stubborn anger can last for days. Here’s an idea: take some deep breaths, and learn to adapt rather than seeing red when plans change.

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Capricorn, that temper of yours is a cold, simmering thing. You don’t indulge in shouting matches or public meltdowns, but when someone crosses you or falls short of your perfectionist standards, your wintry displeasure radiates from you in chilling waves. You shut down, freeze them out, and deliver scathing critiques. Newsflash: not everyone can live up to your impossible expectations. Thaw out a bit and let minor transgressions go.

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Virgo, you like to think you’re always calm and collected. And it’s true, you rarely fly off the handle. But your temper manifests as constant irritation and criticism. Every little thing gets on your nerves – crooked pictures, clutter, people breathing too loud. You nitpick and nag until even the most Zen person wants to scream. Pro tip: the world will never be perfect. Learn to let the little annoyances slide.

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Aquarius, for such a chill, easygoing sign, you have quite the contrary streak. When someone tries to boss you around or force you to conform, your knee-jerk response is to rebel. You’ll argue for hours just to make a point. You don’t really get angry, per se, but you do get incredibly aggravated and oppositional. Relax, Aquarius – not every single rule is a personal attack on your freedom.

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Cancer, you’re a gentle, sensitive soul who abhors confrontation, InStyle notes. But when your feelings get hurt, which is often, you retreat into your shell and sulk. Your anger is a slow, seething simmer of resentment and passive-aggression. You’ll give the silent treatment for days and make your displeasure known through pointed sighs and martyred looks. Here’s a thought: toughen up that shell and communicate directly instead of seething in silence.

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Sagittarius, your anger is like a flash fire – intense and dramatic while it lasts, but over quickly. When your boundless optimism is crossed, you’ll rant and rail to anyone who will listen. Luckily, your natural buoyancy means you rarely stay mad for long. An hour later, you’ve bounced back to your chipper self, leaving others blinking in confusion at your mercurial moods. Remember, Sag, not everyone can match your emotional acrobatics.

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Gemini, you’re usually too busy flitting from one shiny thing to the next to get really mad. But when you do, your anger is like a whirlwind – a flurry of biting words, flailing hands, and spinning in circles. You’ll argue nineteen different viewpoints in the span of five minutes, exhausting and confusing everyone. Take a breath, Gemini, and focus that quick mind on solutions rather than spinning yourself into a tizzy.

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Libra, you avoid anger whenever possible, valuing peace and harmony above all. But when your sense of fairness and balance is violated, you get righteously indignant. You’ll mount a calm but impassioned campaign to right the wrong, delivering eloquent speeches on justice that leave the offender squirming. Just be careful not to get so caught up in the principle that you prolong conflicts unnecessarily. Sometimes you have to let things slide for the sake of making peace.

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Pisces, you’re a gentle dreamer who rarely shows anger. When you do get mad, it’s more likely to manifest as sad puppy eyes and quiet sniffles than a fiery tantrum. You’re more prone to feeling hurt or disappointed than enraged. But that’s okay, Pisces. Your sensitivity and empathy are superpowers. Surround yourself with kind people who won’t take advantage of your tenderness, and keep wearing your heart on your sleeve.

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