10 Things A Good Man Will Never Do In A Relationship With Someone He Truly Loves

10 Things A Good Man Will Never Do In A Relationship With Someone He Truly Loves

Starting a relationship with someone is just the beginning. You might jump for joy thinking you’ve finally found a good guy, but have you really? As time goes on and you get to know him better, you’ll see if he’s worthy of your time or if you’re dating someone who’s fooled you into thinking he’s good. Here are 10 things a good man will never do in a relationship with someone he truly loves.

1. He Won’t Hold A Grudge Over Your Past.

The past is over, so why is your partner holding onto it and making you feel bad about it? That’s not fair. Everyone makes mistakes, but what’s important is using them to better ourselves. So, a good guy will respect your growth and how far you’ve come. He won’t shame or belittle you for things you’ve done because that’s manipulative.

2. He Won’t Try To Be In Charge.

If a guy’s got an ego problem, he might try to take control of the relationship. Ugh. A good guy isn’t going to resort to such man-child tendencies. He won’t be the one to decide where the relationship goes or how it’s defined, he knows that this is a mutual decision. He’ll be confident within himself to not let his ego get in the way of the relationship, and he’ll throw out those outdated, ridiculous traditional gender views. Trash ’em!

3. He Won’t Make You Try To Earn His Love.

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You should be loved for who you are RN, not for what you can do for the guy. A guy who’s good (and good for you) will show you love without it being attached to something, like “If you love me, you’ll do this.” He knows that you don’t have to jump through hoops to be valued and respected—that’s a mind game he’s not here to play.

4. He Won’t Make You Feel Less Than.

A good guy isn’t going to make you feel like you’re less loveable/smart/valuable than he is. If he does this, he’s got huge insecurity and ego issues that he should be dealing with in therapy! You should feel like you’re equal partners in the relationship, and that you both respect each other’s opinions and thoughts. With a genuinely good guy, you won’t feel like your relationship’s a messed-up competition.

5. He Won’t Change You.

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A guy who truly loves you and is good for you won’t try to turn you into something you’re not. He’s not going to try to change your hair or fashion style. He’s not going to make you think you have to change your career or passions to meet his requirements. Someone like that is hungry for control, but you won’t settle for that and a good guy knows it. (If you want to meet a guy like that but have been struggling, our sister site, Sweetn, can help. They’re not a dating site—instead, they offer game-changing advice, tips, and tricks to completely overhaul your love life. Check them out here.)

6. He Won’t Write Off Your Emotions.

If your BF doesn’t really listen to or acknowledge your emotions, it can make you feel like you don’t matter. A good partner will acknowledge and listen to your thoughts and feelings. He’ll try to put himself in your shoes. He’s got to be empathetic and have emotional maturity for the relationship to work, otherwise you’ll always feel like your emotions don’t matter.

7. He Won’t Make You Feel Unsafe.

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There are many ways in which a toxic person can make you feel unsafe in your relationship. He might have anger issues, blow up at you for nothing, or drink and drive without any regard for your safety. He also might make you feel emotionally unsafe because you can’t trust him with your innermost thoughts. Around a good guy, you feel you can be yourself and trust that he’d never hurt you.

8. He Won’t Keep Secrets From You.

When you enter into a relationship with someone, there’s no room for secrets. A good man isn’t going to hide things from you or keep you guessing with his actions. He’ll be open and transparent with you about his life—that’s how trust is built—and let you get to know him deeply. Hello, emotionally mature relationship!

9. He Won’t Put His Needs First All The Time.

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A good BF will respect your relationship needs. He’ll be willing to compromise so you both get what you want and feel satisfied. He’s not going to try to be selfish by prioritizing his needs over yours, such as when it comes to where to go on vacation or what to do in your spare time together. If a guy does that, you’ll become resentful of him over time because he might as well be in a relationship with himself!

10. He Won’t Guilt You For Having A Life.

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Just because you’re in a relationship, it doesn’t mean you should be putting the rest of your life on the back burner. A good BF is going to want you to have a full life, without feeling threatened by it. He’s confident about your relationship and wants you to feel satisfied outside of it. He doesn’t want a girlfriend who loses herself in the relationship or makes him the center of her world (which is dodgy).

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