Things You Should Know Before Dating A Libra

Things You Should Know Before Dating A Libra ©iStock/vitranc

If you’re really into astrology, then you already know that someone’s sign says a lot about them and how they love. People who fall under Libra were born between September 23 and October 22. Other than having autumn birthdays, there are many things you need to know before dating them. We’re certainly a unique bunch, but we’re well worth every second you spend with us.

  1. We’re quite the charmers. Libras tend to be very social and can win a lot of people over pretty easily. We’re not against going out to social events on a date. If things get serious, we’re also amazing with meeting the parents and have no trouble making a good first impression.
  2. We can be extremely indecisive sometimes. Part of our sign is being able to see the good and the bad of everything, so when it’s time to make a decision, it’ll take us a lot of time as we weigh our options. We argue all the points in our heads and get stuck. If you’re more decisive than us, we’ll probably look to you for guidance.
  3. Listening is our forte. If you want someone who will listen to you rather than ignore or talk over you, then you don’t need to worry. We’re very diplomatic and always up for listening to someone else’s point of view, especially if it belongs to someone we care about. We know that everyone is different, and even if we disagree with what you’re saying, we’ll always hear you out.
  4. We’re good at arguing our point. One of the recommended careers for Libras is law because we’re so good at debating and fighting our corner. When we’re in an argument, we’re really good at getting our points across. This doesn’t mean we’ll railroad you, though — we try to be fair and see things from all sides. It means you’ll never walk away wondering what we’re mad about, because we’ll tell you directly.
  5. But we are also great mediators. When two people really get into a disagreement, they probably should get a Libra to help settle it. We’re really good at finding solutions to disagreements and being fair to both sides, so don’t be afraid to open up about your problems.
  6. The fall is our time to shine! A lot of people get excited about this season because of pumpkin flavors, the holidays, sweater weather, etc. It’s a good time to be single for everyone, but no one is really in the zone like we are. Our birthdays are coming up and we feel more motivated and balanced during this time.
  7. We need others to treat us fairly and with respect. Just because we’re into you doesn’t mean we’ll accept being treated badly. Libras are all about seeking balance, and that includes our relationships. If we feel like we aren’t being respected, then we have no problem saying something or walking away. Don’t try to take advantage of us.
  8. It takes us a while to feel like we can commit. When you’re about to start a relationship with someone, you make a little pro and con list of what might happen. We can have a fear of commitment because we’ve weighed every possible outcome and know that things might go sour. Don’t be too scared! Libras just need patience and to feel like you truly want commitment from them.
  9. Our goal is always to find a balance. Our sign is a scale for a reason. We want balance in all aspects of life. We want to make sure our career is going just as well as our love life. Sometimes we may skew to one extreme to the other to find what feels right, but try and just go with it — things will eventually even out.
  10. Libras like the finer things in life. This sign is very romantic and one of its love languages leans towards giving gifts and going on nice dates from time to time. If you’re not into luxury, then you might not mesh well with a Libra.
  11. We get stuff done! If there’s a long list of things to do, then you don’t need to worry about drowning in it alone. Libras are very good at checking things off their list and doing a damn good job of it. You want us on your team, for sure.
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