8 Things You’ll Miss Out On If You Never Fall In Love

Falling in love can make you giddy with excitement or downright terrified, depending on the kind of person you are. Love changes a relationship and brings it to a new level, but if you’re afraid of it, you might never allow yourself to truly experience it. You know the saying, “It’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?” Well, it’s true, and if you avoid falling in love like the plague, you could be missing out on a few amazing things.

  1. The feeling that you can do anything. There’s something about falling in love that makes you really feel like anything is possible. It gives you the strength and confidence, as well as the support from your significant other, to go after your dreams and stop being afraid of failure.
  2. Being happy from just waking up in the morning. When you’re not in love, watching those Disney movies where the princess wakes up and starts singing with the animals just makes you want to punch her in the face. Why the hell is she so happy? Well, when you fall in love, you’ll actually turn into that (maybe without the singing, unless you really like to sing). Falling in love just makes you happy, and you turn into a complete jerk who everyone else will now want to punch in the face.
  3. The ability to trust someone whole-heartedly. Trust is not easily earned, but all good relationships are built on it. If you have trust issues from one too many relationships gone wrong, you’ll find that when you finally do fall in love with someone, you’re actually able to trust them. While trusting someone with your real feelings or secrets can be insanely scary, it can also be incredibly comforting and just what you need.
  4. Knowing that someone has your back, no matter what. You could say your BFF has your back, and she may, but she isn’t exactly the one who’ll have it for the rest of your life. Unfortunately, friends do grow apart and live their own separate lives, so you can’t count on her to be there for everything. However, the person you love who loves you back will always be there and will always support you through thick and thin.
  5. Sex that isn’t just about the physical. Sex that’s purely for physical pleasure that comes without a commitment can be great, but do you know what’s even better? Having an emotional connection with that person. When you’re in love with someone, sex is on a different level. You feel closer together and your heart races, and not just because you’re on top.
  6. Happiness that money can’t buy. True happiness can’t be bought. That’s why rich-ass people have regrets, too. If you never allow yourself to fall in love, of course you can still be incredibly happy in life. You just might not be as happy as you could be, so why deprive yourself of that possibility? Humans are social animals and thrive from having relationships and connections, so if you truly want more happiness in life, try giving love a shot.
  7. Letting yourself be loved back. Falling in love is no guarantee that you’ll be loved back, but it does open the door to allowing it. When you tell someone you love them, you’re risking a lot. You put your relationship on the line, as well as your feelings and your pride, but that can actually be a good thing because it shows you’re opening up to someone and you’re allowing yourself to be vulnerable, and that takes true effort. It forces you to be honest with yourself. If you’re used to putting up barriers to keep people out, this means you can finally let someone in.
  8. Someone to spend the rest of your life with. Maybe the best part of falling in love is the fact that you’re finally done looking, and that can be a wonderful feeling. If you avoid love, you might always be on the search for something more that you may never find. Loving someone who loves you back means you have a partner for life, and that can be a huge relief.
Chelsey is a freelance writer in NYC. She's pretty normal by today's standards, or at least that's what her mother tells her.