TikToker Saves Girl From Uncomfortable Situation With ‘Creepy’ Man On The Street

A TikToker has saved a girl from a “creepy” man on the street who wouldn’t stop asking her about her toes. Women are often accosted by strange men on the street, and knowing that the girl could be in real trouble, Nab, who posts as @Pikanab, knew she had to step in to ensure she was safe. She approached the girl and managed to catch the whole experience on camera.


I WAS SO SCARED. THIS IS WHY GIRL NEED TO STICK TOGETHER. Has anything ever happened like this before to u?#fyp #fypage #pov #schoolpov #honab

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  1. Nab noticed the girl looked “uncomfortable.” Speaking to the camera, Nab said that she was on her way out when she noticed the man talking to the girl and thought something didn’t look quite right. “Okay, guys, I don’t normally film these types of videos,” she says. “I’m literally about to go out, but she looks really uncomfortable,” she said. “I don’t know if she’s going somewhere, it’s like really late at night.” She pans the camera to the man, who’s wearing all black with a black face mask.
  2. She knew she had to step in. After thinking for a moment, Nab realizes she can’t just let the situation continue. “Okay, I’m from New York, girls supporting girls. I’m just going to go up to her,” she said. Nab then marched over to the other girl and pretended like they were friends, telling the girl she’d been waiting in her car for her and asking who the man is. The guy then explains he was “just asking her if… her toes are long.”
  3. Nab doesn’t waste time: she pulls the girl away. She tells her that they have to go and they walk away from the man together. Nab then asks the girl where she’s going and offers her a ride so she’s not out on her own. That’s what I call women supporting women!
  4. Commenters were full of praise for Nab. The video went viral pretty much immediately, racking up nearly 12 million likes and more than 112,000 comments from people praising Nab for stepping in and ensuring the other girl was safe. Maybe nothing would have happened to the girl, but it very well could have and Nab made sure that didn’t happen. Incredible!
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