TikToker’s Rules For A First Date: Only On Thursdays & Booze Before

A popular TikToker has shared her “rules” for going on a first date, and with over 1.8 million views, it’s clear some of her ideas are stirring up conversation. From only going out on Thursdays to having at least 1.5 glasses of alcohol beforehand, some of these might inspire you the next time you head out to meet someone new.


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  1. Eli Rallo is a 24-year-old New Yorker. As a young, hot, single lady, she has plenty of dating experience that she’s happy to share with her followers. Her recent video about first date etiquette is chock full of tips, though whether or not they’re “good” is up to you!
  2. Thursday is the best possible day for a first date. Why’s that? Because if you get on well, you can hang out again a few days later rather than having to wait a full week. “The most elite first date day is a Thursday,” she says in the clip. “On a Thursday, you can say to somebody, ‘What’re your plans for Saturday?’ and then you can go out with them on Saturday, or you can get Sunday brunch.” Pretty solid advice, actually! She adds that Thursday has “the perfect closeness to the weekend where you can make plans for a second date before Monday and then you know how you feel about them before the new week starts.”
  3. Her other tips are just as good. In addition to recommending you have 1.5 glasses of wine or another drink (could even be Diet Coke if you’re not a boozer!) before your first date, she also advises planning dates on the same nights as your friends and warns people not to “become a pen pal before” going out. In other words, once you match, make plans to get together.
  4. Eli believes we put way too much pressure on first dates. As she told The Post: “Ultimately, a first date, especially with a stranger, isn’t supposed to be like some crazy, romantic, butterflies, sparks flying moment. It’s allowed to just be two people having a beer or a coffee and asking questions like, ‘Where are you from?'” Following her rules is all about maximizing the fun of the experience and taking off a lot of the stress.
  5. We need to be on even playing fields here. As Eli explained, she feels it’s important for both men and women to go into dates as equals rather than any one person having the power. “I was taught, and I think society teaches us, that the way dating looks is very heteronormative and traditional. Boy meets girl, boy asks out girl … but truthfully, a first date between two people, or any relationship, shouldn’t be about one person being on a pedestal or being superior,” she says.
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