To The Guys Who Let Me Go — Thank You

To The Guys Who Let Me Go — Thank You ©iStock/Tassii

Each of you who left only gave me more motivation to prove you wrong. I got the hell over it and moved on like a boss without you. I could continue to curse your names or hate you, but in reality I’m grateful to you.

  1. You were part of my motivation to do better. The moment you broke me and pulled your crappy games that left me temporarily bewildered was the beginning of a rise in myself you’ll come to regret. Every single time a dirtbag tries to destroy me, I make it my business to do the complete opposite and thrive in my life. I want you to feel exactly how stupid you are for letting me go and to know that I’ll never stop rising above you. This is only the beginning.
  2. I learned that I deserve much better than what you had to offer. My experiences with you taught me that I didn’t deserve any of the heaping piles of crap you laid onto me. No matter how hard you tried to point out my flaws to use them against me and to justify your crappy behaviors, I didn’t deserve any of it. I was an amazing person before you, and I’m going on to be even more amazing after you. When I finally find my happily ever after, you won’t hold a candle to the guy who truly deserves me.
  3. The loss was never mine to begin with. I used to think that losing you was unfathomable, but as it turns out, it’s actually a walk in the park. If you were meant for me and if you truly deserved a woman like me in your life, you would have me. I’m meant for bigger and better things — none of them include you. It’s your loss.
  4. You didn’t take the time to get to know all of my layers. You took me for granted and made your choice to hurt me without knowing the full story of who the hell I truly am. How does it feel now seeing me succeed beyond anything you thought I was capable of? You thought that by leaving me behind, you were on your way to an upgrade, but the joke’s on you because you walked away from an amazing woman.
  5. You failed to see the potential that I knew existed in me all along. You didn’t think that I was good enough to walk with you into the future but I knew all along what path I was on. The love that I’m looking for is with someone who sees the worth in my current state and knows that I’m only going to keep getting better over time. You weren’t willing to build upon the castle we started together, so I’ll sit on my throne without you — I didn’t need you to succeed.
  6. I tried my best, but I could only do so much. I tried to show you the great woman inside me, the one who supports you and encourages you while stroking your ego on the way. At a certain point, you need to make some real and honest effort on your end if you want something real and true in your life. I saw potential in us, but you didn’t step up to the plate, so I’ve built a legendary life without you — thank you for being a contributor to my rise.
  7. You missed out on an amazing story. The story I’m writing isn’t even near its climax, so believe me when I say you’ve truly missed out on something that’s going to be completely captivating. If I can accomplish as much as I have on my own without you, imagine what I’ll do with the right person. When you finally pay witness to the grand moment, remember this — it could have been you, but you screwed up.
  8. My only revenge is my happiness without you. Like I said, I could hate you, but what’s the point? The truth is I was always too much for you to handle and letting me go was the best thing for me in the long run. I’ve never aimed to make your life miserable, even though you all tried to belittle my worth in our demise. Instead, I chose to move the hell on in my own way. I chose to grow and prove to you just how happy my life is going to be, even though you were all complete dirtbags. Look at me now.