Toddler Climbed Out Of His Crib And Walked To McDonald’s Because He Was Hungry

Toddler Climbed Out Of His Crib And Walked To McDonald’s Because He Was Hungry TikTok/@mamarissax2 | iStock/Moonstone Images

We all know what it’s like when the McDonald’s cravings hit hard and we just have to slam a 20-piece McNuggets or a large fries (or both). However, you probably wouldn’t expect those cravings to be so strong in a toddler. That didn’t stop Marissa Pheiffer’s 3-year-old son from climbing out of his crib and walking to his local Maccy D’s in Wisconsin for some grub when he got hungry recently!

  1. Marissa was taking a nap with her 3-year-old twins, Aiden and Aleiya. However, when she woke up, something was seriously wrong: Aiden was nowhere in sight. She scrambled around the house looking for him, but no dice. He was gone.
  2. She didn’t think he would have been able to go far. After all, Marissa told TODAY that she’d been sleeping “on the floor right next to their cribs,” so the fact that he disappeared was baffling.
  3. Marissa looked everywhere for her little boy. As she recounted in a TikTok video, “He was not in the basement. He was not in the front yard or the backyard. He was not around the block.” When she asked Aleiya where her brother had gone, she simply replied, “Outside.”
  4. When Marissa couldn’t find him in the yard or at the neighbor’s place, she started to get scared. “I really started to get nervous when he wasn’t in our neighbor’s yard,” she told TODAY. “I thought that’s where I’d find him. They have a bunch of rocks and he likes to line them up and play with them.”
  5. She had no choice but to call 911. The police came immediately, and to her surprise, they had a photo of Aiden safe and sound. That was a relief, but she couldn’t believe what he’d gotten up to.
  6. Aiden put on his shoes and walked to McDonald’s. A stranger who saw the toddler had called police when they noticed Aiden marching his way into McDonald’s. He was still there when Pfeiffer rushed to the restaurant to get her son.
  7. The little boy didn’t think he’d done anything wrong. When he saw his mom, he greeted her with excitement and explained that he’d wandered off for a good reason: “I was hungry.”
  8. No, she didn’t buy him any McDonald’s. She knows Aiden loves “Fries, nuggets, and apple slices,” but she admitted she was “embarrassed” and “just wanted to get out of there.”
  9. Thankfully, Pfeiffer has now implemented some safety measures. She had child-proof safety locks put on the house so Aiden can’t go wandering again. Phew!

YALL I GENUINELY HAVE NEVER FELT SO SICK & SCARED! we already had the basement door switched out so we can lock it at night but NOW i need something for the front door! You never think it can happen to you, till it does!! Yall know i got this house babyproofed as much as possible but OMGG#greenscreenvideo#autismawareness#fyp#aidenandaleiya#twins#escapeartist#scared#twinsoftiktok#omg#runaway

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