I Took A Younger Guy’s Cherry & I’m Pretty Sure I Blew His Mind

Gather round, my dudes, and let me tell you the tale of the time I was a total cougar and took the cherry of a guy who was a decade younger than me. He was headed to boot camp in a few weeks and took his shot via text. I was single at the time and he was cute, so I decided to go for it. We only hooked up once, but it was actually a great experience.

  1. I felt like a freaking sex goddess.When you get down and dirty when somebody who’s never done the deed before, it’s an ego boost like none other. I felt like a magical sex fairy, sent to make someone’s naughty dreams come true. Every move in your arsenal is new and magnificent to your uninitiated partner, and you’re basically guaranteed to totally rock their world.
  2. Sleeping with me was something he won’t ever forget. When you get intimate with a person, even if it’s strictly sexual, it’s a bummer to think the experience will be just a drop in the bucket in their sexual history. Our egos hate that crap. As somebody’s first, I’ll always know that I set the standard for future sex experiences, and honestly, that’s kind of a rush.
  3. That look of unabashed joy is pretty great.When a guy gets his junk handled by a girl for the first time, he gets a look on his face as if he has just seen Heaven itself. It’s like that, only 100 times more, with his first P in V sexperience. The look only lasts for a split second but if you’ve seen it, you know what I’m talking about. Perfection.
  4. With a virgin, you get to teach him exactly what you like.When you’re sleeping with a dude who’s never done it before, he’s a totally blank slate (assuming porn hasn’t totally skewed his perspective of reality). I don’t care if he doesn’t have a ton of tools in his arsenal because I can teach him the ones I actually like. That’s so much more valuable than a dozen moves that his ex liked but that don’t really do it for me.
  5. I love the opportunity to make sure future girls don’t have terrible sex.If a dude’s first sexual experience is with a lady who knows what she’s doing, future girls are the ones who will reap the benefits. Nobody down the line will have to break his bad habits because he was taught well the first time. Granted, everybody’s tastes are different, but there are certain basic skills that a guy must master if he’s going to be a decent sex partner. Girls supporting girls by not letting them have bad sex. It’s a beautiful thing.
  6. Because we were friends, there was absolutely zero drama.We’d worked together for about a year prior to hitting the sheets, so this dude already knew what he was getting into, as did I. We didn’t really have to kill the vibe by establishing that there would be no strings attached because we already knew what was up.
  7. I got to control the pace.I’m not normally a real dominant kind of girl in the bedroom, so this was definitely a way to step out of my comfort zone for a night. As the experienced one, I had to take the reins, which I might not have done otherwise. I’m pretty glad I did it.
  8. It was kinda retro for me and that was fun. Don’t you sometimes kind of miss making out, dry humping, and that earnest teenage awkwardness? Hooking up with someone who was technically still an inexperienced teenager (he was 18, please don’t arrest me) definitely brought me back to those days for a short while. I got to experience the fun of excitedly fumbling around while still knowing how to get what I want because I’m a grown woman.
  9. He was super chill afterward. He slept over but he was out the door before my bestie stopped by for coffee bright and early. He didn’t tell anyone about it and I didn’t either. We’ve all heard horror stories of casually hooking up with someone less experienced only to have them become overly attached. That could not have been farther from my experience.
  10. It’s a bucket list accomplishment.Let’s be honest—while it’s not necessarily a thing most of us seek out, being someone’s first is kind of a sex bucket list item. It’s actually a fantasy that a lot of women have but not many talk about. It’s kind of cool to be the first person to do most anything, and on an individual scale, sex is no different.
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