‘Trashy’ Mom Offers To Give Babies Manicures Complete With Claw-Like Acrylic Nails

A “trashy” mom has come under fire after posting photos of a baby’s manicured hands that featured long, pointy acrylic fingernails. The woman took to Facebook to showcase the handiwork (pun totally intended) as well as to extend an offer to other parents who might want their child’s nails to look the same. “I can do your babies [sic] nails…cheap rates,” she wrote according to the Daily Mail.

Unsurprisingly, the photo went viral for all the wrong reasons. Social media users were horrified by the photos, pointing out that babies’ nails always have to be trimmed and kept short so that they don’t scratch and potentially seriously injure themselves. To put claw-like acrylic nails on an infant isn’t just stupid, it’s dangerous. “Baby nails are sharp enough as is, I can’t imagine equipping my daughter with claws. Hard pass,” one person wrote. Another added: “Oh gosh this seems so dangerous for both the baby and anyone around them. I already get scratched a lot by my baby brother’s super short nails.”

To be fair, this may not even be real. Many users pointed out the fact that this very much looks as though it could be Photoshopped and that it’s possible no babies actually have these hideous and dangerous nails. After all, half the time people fake images and create memes for the sake of going viral, and if that’s this user’s aim, they certainly succeeded!

This isn’t the first time a photo like this has gone viral. Lest we forget late last year when another photo was posted of a baby with its natural nails manicured into long, sharp talons. That one was also most likely also faked, but that’s never been proven either way. Nevertheless, it gives me hope that this is just one weird trend – a totally fake one – that’s going around at the moment.

In case you needed further clarification… Please don’t put fake acrylic nails on your baby’s hand or even grow and manicure their own natural nails. Keep them short and keep the little ones safe. I can’t even believe I have to say this!

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