TripAdvisor Apologizes For Auschwitz Review That Described Concentration Camp As ‘Fun For The Family’

Travel review platform TripAdvisor has been forced to issue an apology after choosing to leave up a review that described Auschwitz as “fun for the family.” The offensive description about the museum in Poland at the notorious concentration camp that killed millions during World War II was due to a “screening failure,” according to the company, and has now been removed, BBC News reports.

  1. The Auschwitz Museum itself complained about the review. In the review, the poster joked about bringing a baby into the gas chambers and called the visit as “fun for the family.” However, TripAdvisor responded by saying that the posting didn’t violate any of its submission guidelines.
  2. After it was brought to the public’s attention, TripAdvisor backtracked. TripAdvisor said in a statement that it used “a blend of technology and people” when reviewing posts and that unfortunately in the case of this review, “our initial screening failed to identify this review as promoting intolerance.”
  3. The review has since been removed. Thankfully, TripAdvisor decided to take down the review, though it’s unclear whether the user who posted it has been banned from further reviewers. “Through our escalation process, this review was removed,” the company said. “We always aim to get it right the first time and we apologize to the Auschwitz Memorial and Museum, the Jewish community at large, and all communities and individuals affected by this initial miss.”
  4. At least 1.1 million people were killed at Auschwitz. This includes men, women, and children, all of whom were senselessly murdered by the Nazis simply because they failed to embody the terrorist party’s vision of the ideal Aryan race. This is nothing to make light of or be flippant about.
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