Tropicana Creates Cereal To Be Mixed Specifically With Orange Juice Tropicana

Tropicana Creates Cereal To Be Mixed Specifically With Orange Juice

While orange juice is a welcome addition to many people’s breakfast spread, it’s not usually in conjunction with cereal. However, that hasn’t stopped Tropicana from creating a breakfast cereal specifically to be mixed with orange juice instead of milk. The bizarre product is due to be released in the coming days, just in time for National Orange Juice Day on May 4.

It’s called the Tropicana Crunch. The brand touts the product as “the first-ever breakfast cereal created to pair with Tropicana Pure Premium.” I kind of can’t imagine such a thing, nor do I imagine it being any good, but who knows?

You’ll only be able to buy Tropicana Crunch online. Anyone who wants a box will have to head to starting on May 4, where the juice company will give away boxes for free, but only while supplies last.

What does Tropicana Crunch actually taste like? It’s been described as a “honey almond cereal” with honey almond clusters. Tropicana is said to have decided on a granola-based cereal since it can handle the acidity of orange juice better than flakes. No one likes soggy cereal! In addition, the flavor profile was chosen in order to counteract the tart profile of the juice.

This isn’t the first time Tropicana has tried to get creative. Last year, they created Tropicana Toothpaste which was meant to keep your juice tasting nice even after brushing your teeth.

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