Adorable Staffy Lives For Pets, So Owner Puts Up Sign And Films Reaction From Passers-By

While many people are immediately drawn to small, cuddly dogs, there are some breeds that miss out on getting loads of breeds that miss out on receiving so much love and attention because of a bad (and unfair) reputation. Take Staffies, for instance. Many people automatically assume they’ll be mean or aggressive, but that’s not the case. Especially not for Tubs, a blue Staffy who loves pets so much that her owner put a note in the front yard inviting passers-by to give her a little lovin’.

  1. Tubs lives in Queensland, Australia. There, she loves spending time in the fenced-in front yard, watching the world (and all the people in the neighborhood) go by. It’s exciting every time she sees new people as she assumes she might be getting a bit of attention.
  2. There’s a letter encouraging people to come see Tubs because she’s not aggressive. Next to the gate, Tubs’ owners wrote a letter saying: “Tubs is friendly. She would love a gentle pat.”
  3. Her owners then decided to record what happened. In one TikTok clip, a boy on a bike stops to give Tubs a little bit of love, and she couldn’t be happier about it! Next, two young guys come to the fence to scratch Tubs’ head, and she’s clearly living her best life!
  4. Kids and adults alike love Tubs. The more you watch the videos, the more you realize that people of all ages are drawn to Tubs and appreciate how adorable and loving she is.
  5. TikTok viewers are jealous that they don’t get to see Tubs in person. “I would literally start living in front of your fence just to pet her all day,” one person said. Another added: Darn, I would be hangin for quite a while if I happen to pass by Tubs. Too wholesome!”
  6. Tubs has a huge online fanbase now. She has more than a million followers across social media, with people all over the world loving watching her adventures. We feel the same and can’t wait to see what she gets up to next!
  7. Sadly, Tubs has moved to another city now. Their new house doesn’t allow her to greet people in the neighborhood every day, but her owners still make sure she gets lots of social time, so she’s still a very happy pup.

Little Miss Tubs doing what she does best 🥰🐾 #fyp #staffordshirebullterrier #happyfeet #love

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Sadly we have relocated to a different city as a family and these are the last few clips we have of Tubs greeting our neighbourhood. Huge shout out & thank you to the Greater Ascot community for being her second family ❤️ Tubs is still living her best life but now doing so in Brisbane QLD❤️🐾 #fyp

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