Uncommon Ways To Make Friends As An Adult — It’s Not as Hard As You Think!

Uncommon Ways To Make Friends As An Adult — It’s Not as Hard As You Think!

Forget those awkward meet-up apps and forced networking events — making real friends as an adult takes a different approach. Think back to how easy it was as a kid. You had shared hobbies, a spark of curiosity, and no worries about whether your social life was “complete.” Let’s tap into that same energy and build some awesome friendships, no matter your age. Here are some tips for making your social circle richer and your life a whole lot more fun.

1. Volunteer for a cause you care about.


Stop focusing on self-promotion and focus on giving back. You’ll meet people who share your passions and make a real difference in the process. Check out animal shelters, food banks, or local organizations that resonate with you. Shared values are the foundation of awesome friendships.

2. Join a sports or fitness class.

Get active and social at the same time! Find a recreational sports team or a fun workout class that fits your style. It’s the perfect chance to connect with people and feel great while doing it.

3. Attend local community events and festivals.

Your community is full of fun happenings! Explore art shows, food festivals, or whatever catches your eye. Check local listings and head out ready to mingle. Strike up conversations with people who seem cool, and don’t be shy about exchanging numbers if you click.

4. Meet your online friends in real life.

You’re already part of geeky Facebook groups or hobbyist subreddits. Organize a local meet-up! People who understand your niche passions have the potential to become amazing real-life friends. Taking that online bond offline cements connection deeper than just liking each other’s posts.

5. Take a class or workshop.

Learn something new and find your tribe! Dive into a cooking class, a photography workshop, or anything that sparks your curiosity. It’s a win-win – you gain skills and expand your social circle.

6. Join a local book club.

Dreamy girl with yellow drink in hands sits in the restaurant with red book on the table.

Instead of the same literary analysis, try a genre-specific club (bad sci-fi is hilarious with the right crowd!). Or, theme it around self-help books but focus on discussing how you’re DOING, not dissecting the text. This creates vulnerability and goes beyond the superficial.

7. Join a social club.

Think outside the box when it comes to social clubs! They’re not just old-fashioned cigar lounges anymore. Find one focused on a hobby you enjoy – whiskey, board games, niche interests – it’s out there! Show up to a few events, and you’ll instantly have common ground with fellow members.

8. Attend a conference.

Conferences aren’t just for workaholics! Seek out a conference tailored to a passion of yours – comics, crafting, anything that excites you. You’ll meet people from all walks of life with the same enthusiasm. Strike up those conversations; this could be the start of great friendships!

9. Join a co-working space.

If you’re a freelancer or remote worker, co-working spaces are your chance to ditch isolating home offices. You get to connect with other professionals, maybe even find collaborators. These spaces often have social events too, doubling your chances of finding your crowd.

10. Volunteer at a music festival, yoga retreat, or other event.

two women talking after yoga

Love jamming out at festivals? Turn that passion into a social opportunity! Volunteer, and you’ll work alongside people just as excited about the music. You’ll bond over your favorite bands, discover new artists together, and make some awesome memories in the process.

11. Join a community garden.

smiing woman working on her garden

Gardening is a great stress-buster, but it also unexpectedly connects you with others. Find a community garden, and you’ll meet people just as passionate about plants as you are. Ask for advice, offer help… it’s the perfect, relaxed way to build connections.

12. Reclaim your lunch hour.

Young adult creative team of people during a lunch break in their coworking space

Instead of sad desk salads, propose co-worker lunch outings. Explore a new spot each week, rotating who picks the place. Shared meals away from work distractions create space for deeper conversation. It helps build camaraderie with those you already see often, but rarely truly get to know.

13. Join an improv or comedy class.

Want to get out of your shell? These classes break the ice fast and put everyone on the same playful level. Learn to be quick on your feet, maybe unearth a hidden talent for making people laugh, and create bonds that come from shared silliness.

14. Attend a trivia night.

Put that random knowledge to use and meet fun new people! Grab some friends or go solo – trivia teams are always looking for members. Shared love of obscure facts leads to surprisingly strong bonds (plus, you might even win something).

15. Hit up a wine tasting.

Discover new wines and find people who appreciate them as much as you do. Wine tastings are the perfect blend of sophistication and relaxed socializing. Even if you’re not an expert, your curiosity is enough to spark great conversations.

16. Sign up for a “paint and sip” class.

Unleash your inner artist (even if you think you don’t have one) and socialize in a low-pressure setting. These classes are more about the laughs than the masterpieces. You’ll connect with others over your creations and a shared willingness to try something new.

17. Be the friend you wish you had.

The golden rule applies! Be a good listener, genuinely supportive, remember the details they share. Initiate hangouts, and offer help without expecting favors back. Focus on giving the kind of friendship you value, and you’ll naturally attract like-minded people into your life.

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