36 Unconventional Ways To Show Your Partner You Care On Valentine’s Day

It’s nearly Valentine’s Day, which means it’s time to show your love to those you care about. But, instead of doing the same old dinner-and-a-movie spiel, try something different. Here are 36 creative ways to show you care this Valentine’s Day.

1. Write them a letter.

It might sound old-fashioned, but write your partner a love letter. Spill your guts and tell them how much they mean to you. Since it’s handwritten, it’s so much more romantic!

2. Put up a Valentine’s Day tree.

valentine's day romance

Although it’s not Christmas, you can have a Valentine’s Day tree in your home. Why not, right? It can be a unique tree with ornaments and gifts under it. Decorate it any way you like to spread some cheer in your home and surprise your partner.

3. Have a second shot at your first date.

Remember how awesome your first date was? Why not recreate it so you can relive the experience? Go to the same place where you first hung out and reminisce about your love. It’s a great bonding experience.

4. Go to a palm or tarot reading.

For something fun, and maybe a little spooky, go to a psychic or get your tarot card readings. It’ll be interesting to try and maybe you’ll learn something new about your partner.

5. Host a dinner for your friends or family.

Who says you have to only focus on romantic love on Valentine’s Day? Have dinner at your home and invite your friends or family members. It’ll be fun for you all to spend time together.

6. Surprise them with coffee at work.

smiling guy walking with coffee cup outside

Spoil your partner by surprising them with their favorite coffee or hot chocolate at work. It’ll make their day!

7. Amaze them with DIY.

If there’s some DIY project you’ve been needing to do around the house, now’s the time to do it. Surprise your partner by painting the walls or replacing an old piece of furniture. They’ll love you for the effort!

8. Bake, don’t buy, a cake.

woman feeding boyfriend smilingiStock

Sweet treats and love go hand-in-hand, so consider baking a delicious cake for your partner. There are tons of recipes online that you can try your hand at. Delish.

9. Organize a photo shoot. 

Couple photo shoots are something different to do, but they also give you romantic pics that you’ll want to hang up on your walls. You’ll treasure them for years to come.

10. Buy them a book from the bookstore.

cheerful woman reading book in gardeniStock/GaudiLab

Head to your local bookstore and purchase your partner a book you know they’ll love. Avoid purchasing them an ebook—make it a physical book that they’ll cherish forever.

11. Head to a vintage shop.

Vintage shops are great to stroll through because you’ll find interesting and unique items. They’re perfect for choosing a special and memorable gift for someone you love.

12. Go to an adult shop.


If you want to have a spicy Valentine’s Day, suggest visiting an adult shop with your partner. You’ll get to laugh together and find some creative ways to share your love. It’ll be a V-day to remember!

13. Have a bike ride through the city at sunset.

If you and your partner love being outdoors, grab your bikes and head outside! A bike ride at sunset (or sunrise, if that’s your vibe) is a refreshing way to explore the city together.

14. Have a dance party at home.

You don’t have to go to a club to party—have a party at home! Put on feel-good music and dance around your apartment. Make sure you have some romantic music so you can twirl each other around the living room.

15. Stare at the stars!

It’s not always easy to see the stars (thanks, pollution). But no worries—download an app like Night Sky, which will show you what stars you’re looking at when you glance at the sky.

16. Volunteer together.

couple volunteering to help the hungry

Spread love on Valentine’s Day by going to do something nice for someone in need. Volunteer your time and energy to a cause in your community. It’s a unique experience that you and your partner will share together.

17. Take a salsa dance class.

Salsa dancing is fun, so why not learn how to do it properly with your partner? Even if you step on each other’s feet, you’ll have bonding time together.

18. Roll around.

If dancing isn’t your thing, go rollerskating together in the city. You’ll get some exercise while having fun together and boosting your confidence when you show off your skills.

19. Give your partner flowers with a twist.

Flowers are a Valentine’s Day staple, but do something a little more creative with them. If your partner loves blue flowers, find them! Or, fill the apartment with pots of their favorite flowers.

20. Build a super romantic playlist.

Before V-day, come up with a romantic music playlist and let your partner do the same. Then, you can share your choices on the day and have fun singing along to the tunes.

21. Cook something delicious.

Trying new things with your partner is always an opportunity to connect, so cook a Valentine’s Day meal together, but opt for a different cuisine instead of the meals you usually make.

22. Book a couples massage.

A couple’s massage is romantic and soothing. You’ll be lying down in a room with dim lighting and scented candles, so it’s the ideal setting for V-day, plus you’ll get pampered.

23. Give them something to cuddle.

When was the last time you gave someone (or got!) a teddy bear? They’re nostalgic and fun, so buy your partner a cute or silly stuffed toy to make them smile.

24. Adopt a pet!

This is a huge commitment so you should only do it if you and your partner are in a solid, happy relationship. Adopt a cat or dog that’s in need of a good home, and bring more joy to your household.

25. Send them a spicy text.

Maybe you haven’t sent your partner a suggestive text in ages, but now’s the time to do it. Show them a picture of lingerie or share something spicy you’d like to do with them later. Keep them intrigued!

26. Have an at-home picnic. 

While picnics are fun, sometimes they can be a mission. Make them fun and mellow by throwing a blanket on your living room floor or the ground in your garden, cracking open a bottle of wine, and enjoying snacks.

27. Play games. 

This is great for competitive couples! Get some board games or your Xbox controller and turn your living room into a game station on Valentine’s Day. Whoever wins has to give the other person a show.

28. Watch V-day-themed movies. 

It’s fun to watch movies together while snuggled up on the couch. Make the movie a romantic pick, or one that’s special to you as a couple, like maybe you watched it early on in your relationship.

29. Visit a beautiful botanical garden.

Take a walk through a botanical garden so you can hold hands and look at pretty flowers. Better yet, go at night, as many botanical gardens have installations or special events to enjoy. Walking through nature is also soothing, so that’s a bonus.

30. Enjoy a double date.

Go on a date with your favorite couple. It’s a fun way to make the day even more special, and you can bond with your friends while also having time with your partner.

31. Learn how to make cocktails.

Make Valentine’s Day a boozy affair by attending a cocktail-making class. Enjoy learning new skills together, which will boost your confidence, while getting to taste the unique cocktails you’ve made.

32. Let them sleep in.

Sometimes, it’s the little pleasures that mean the most. So, let your partner sleep in a bit. Feed your pets and take them for a walk, while your partner catches up on their sleep. Go the extra mile and bring your partner breakfast in bed!

33. Have a spa experience at home.

When your partner gets home from work, run a bubble bath, light some candles, and put on their favorite music. Then, enjoy a bubble bath together.

34. Have a bonfire under the stars.

It’s romantic to sit outside in the garden, light a fire, and toast some marshmallows. Wrap up in a blanket and enjoy looking up at the moon.

35. Take your partner to an amusement park.

Going to the amusement park is a fun way to feel like a kid again. Go on the rides and stroll around while sharing candy floss. You’ll feel like teenagers in love!

36. Taste beer at a local brewery.

If your partner loves beer, a great Valentine’s Day gift is to book a beer-tasting tour at your local brewery, so you can taste different types of beer together. Even if you’re not into beer, it’ll be a fun learning experience of what makes for delicious beer. Bottoms up!

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