14 Unique Behaviors That Make You Stand Out Instantly

14 Unique Behaviors That Make You Stand Out Instantly

There are lots of ways to be unique in this world — from your hobbies, to your appearance, to what energy you give out to other people. It’s part of what makes it great to be human! Here are 14 unique behaviors that you may not even realize you do that make you stand out from the crowd.

1. You’re not afraid to be silly.

You may not even see it as a conscious decision, but when you embrace your silly side, it makes people see you as being more free-spirited and establishes you as a fun-loving and less serious person. When the world is already so stressful, being silly and fun makes you stand out as someone who’s enjoyable to be around.

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2. You’re not afraid to try new things.

man alone with his dog

Not everyone finds it easy to try new things — also known as neophobia, Verywell Mind notes — because it can involve risk and commitment. That means that if you’re known for picking up unique new hobbies, fostering pets, and taking up less popular sports, everyone will flock to you because you bring out that side in them.

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3. You’re not afraid to be alone.

If you’re totally comfortable being single or alone, it shows that you’re mature and evolved. You love your friends, but you’ve done a lot of growing independently, either through reading, being creative, or just generally prioritizing time for you! Other people who rely more on socializing to get their validation see you as being super fascinating and want to know your secret!

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4. You always say “yes” to change.

You know that each time you say “no,” you close a door. You know that viewing your life as a series of cascading consequences of each decision you make is much more exciting. Your “seize the day” mindset is very attractive to other people as a result.

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5. You’re not afraid of a risky decision.

Whether you’re considering a risky haircut or style experimentation, you don’t overthink things. It’s only hair, at the end of the day — it will grow back! Your risk-embracing mentality allows you to live life on the edge and let your personality shine through. Not caring about how people see you is super unique!

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6. You’re cool with “no makeup” days.

Showing that you can experiment with your personal appearance demonstrates that you’re not held back by notions of conventional beauty and vanity. Even more, going a step further and not putting any makeup on shows that you can embrace your flaws and imperfections in a way that most people are too insecure to do.

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7. You’re not afraid to dream big.

We’ve been socialized to avoid talking about our big dreams, but there’s nothing wrong with ambition. When you aren’t afraid to talk about your dreams and hold yourself accountable to achieving them, you’re more likely to hit your goals. Other people see your success and courage and are drawn to those characteristics. Your confidence makes you stand out, for sure.

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8. Your travel experiences have given you unique perspectives.

You’ve always had a bucket list of things to try and places to go — like most people — but what makes you exceptional is that you actually do them! Trying new things, travelling, and being comfortable getting uncomfortable makes you well-rounded, calm, and gives you infinite new perspectives on life! This joie de vivre always makes you stand out for being truly happy.

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9. You shun the status quo.

So many people are so focused on traditional goals like a big paycheck or a stable relationship that they miss out on all the more important, enriching experiences life has to offer. You attract lots of attention because you don’t care what you “should” be doing — you know there’s more to life than following the crowd. Other people are drawn to your rich, unique life and mentality as a result. Keep trusting in the bigger picture.

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10. You’re always authentically yourself.

While other people might love diving into new popular fads just because everyone else is doing it, you know what works for you. You love to try new things you want to do, like travelling and finding healthy habits, but you’d never plunge into veganism or “75 hard” challenges just because other people are.

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11. You really know yourself.

From all your life experience and new perspectives, you have a really strong self-knowledge, and you know how to set boundaries, maintain the right kind of friendships, and protect your peace. Other people who just want to please the people around them always admire your conviction and self-confidence. They should, it is hard-earned!

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12. You believe in yourself.

A young adult African American enjoys the sunshine as he strolls down a city walkway. The bright sunlight casts interesting shadows on the wall behind.

So many people limit and restrict themselves with their mindset, but not you. It’s special the way you can trust who you are and stick to your principles — even when other people compromise morals, money, and pleasures just to achieve a random goal. Your principles show maturity and understanding, and everyone admires you for them.

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13. You’re known for your optimism.

Even when it’s hard, you know how important it is to have a good attitude. We’re judged on how we interact with other people. You always consider how to do good or improve a situation, and lots of people don’t. Your optimism even in the face of adversity makes everyone’s day easier and lighter, and you stand out for that.

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14. You hate to stand still.

You’re the person who simply makes their day’s plan based on a whim. You constantly look for new things to do in the community, and love to bring friends along to experience new things. You’re always on an enrichment and self-improvement journey, and being spontaneous and free spirited helps that heaps. You attract like-minded friends who appreciate your unique energy.

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