Walgreens Is Selling Pumpkin And Ghost Succulent Planters For Halloween

If you know me, you know I spend a lot of time in Walgreens. Whether I’m picking up trash bags, some new mascara, or chips and candy, I’m literally in there about four or five times a week. Now that they have Halloween stuff out, I’m wasting even more time wandering the aisles, and thank goodness I am because otherwise, I wouldn’t know about their ghost and pumpkin succulent planters for Halloween.

First of all, they’re faux, so I’m totally down. While I have plenty of live succulents around my apartment, I also have some artificial ones mixed into my collection to make my life easier since they obviously take zero care, other than a little dusting. Walgreens clearly caters to the lazy because their Halloween succulent planters come complete with faux plant.

These adorable decorations can pretty much go anywhere. Since they’re pretty small, you can place your succulent planters anywhere you’d like, from mantelpieces (lol, people have those still, right?) to bookshelves to windowsills and anywhere else you have space for them. They’ll get you in the Halloween spirit every time you look at them.

They’re only $7.99, which is a bargain. I didn’t even know these were a thing until I saw them on Instagrammer @99_target‘s page. Then I went down to my local Walgreens to look for them myself and weirdly, they weren’t in with the rest of the Halloween stuff. I did find them eventually, though, thanks to all the aforementioned wandering I do, and I immediately scooped up both the pumpkin and ghost planters.

Because they’re cheap and adorable, they’re selling fast. That means you’ll have to be quick and hope no one grabbed them all before you get to them. You can always call your Walgreens store to ask ahead of time if they have the Halloween faux succulent planters in stock (fingers crossed!), though even if you don’t find them, no trip to that store is ever wasted.


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