He Wants To Hang Out But Doesn’t Make Definite Plans — WTF?

The guy you’re into says he can’t wait to see you again… but then he just never makes definite plans. Should you ignore his calls in future? Hell yes! Here’s why:

He’s stringing you along. 

When a guy is into you, he’ll make plans — he won’t be throwing breadcrumbs that lead to a dead-end. When a guy says how much he wants to see you again, you should watch the actions that follow and forget about the sweet words. He wants to hang with you in the same way that he wants to quit his job and backpack all over the world. Yeah, just words.

He likes keeping his options open. 

He might really want to see you, but only if his other plans with other women fall through. By continuing to chat with him, you’re just continuing your role as the backup woman. You can do better.

He wants to check that you’re still into him. 

It’s a nice ego boost for him to know that you’re eager to spend time with him again — he gets the high from it and doesn’t even have to put in any effort to see you again. Nice… until the next time he feels like another ego stroke, that is.

He’s never going to be with you. 

Sorry, but if he’s being this idiotic, he’s clearly not serious about you and he’s not going to come around. Guys who are serious do things very differently: they’ll make it clear that they’re into you and when they’re going to see you, down to the hour. It’s that simple.

He’s confused AF. 

It could be that he’s really just giving you mixed signals because he’s the one all over the place. Maybe he’s not sure if he’d rather do something else or see you, or what it means if he does see you. Is he freaking out about date expectations? Whatever he’s going through, it’s not your stuff to understand.

He’s not making you a priority. 

You feel crappy when he lets you down again. He makes you believe that he wants you to be a priority just to charm you into staying on his good side, but then he goes ahead and does the complete opposite. Why? Because he’s a jerk.

He’s going with the flow and having fun. 

He might just be keen to have fun and keep things light, so if he cancels plans or doesn’t make definite ones, he doesn’t think it’s a big deal because he’s the king of “there’s always next time.” Only dead fish go with the flow, mister.

He’s not looking for anything serious. 

You can tell a lot about a guy from his small behaviors, such as if he keeps his word about something like making plans to see you. If he can’t do that, then how is he going to follow through on all the bigger things? This guy isn’t looking for anything serious and isn’t going to commit, and you sure as hell can’t trust him, so he’s really not worth your time.

He’s playing hard to get? No, he’s just not interested. 

Why do guys play hard to get? To seem more appealing. According to various studies, men should play hard to get to attract women otherwise women see them as unmanly and possibly become suspicious of them if they’re too attentive. You might think this guy is playing hard to get to keep you on your toes and make him seem more desirable, but no. If he was playing hard to get, he’d have to quit the games to show he’s serious or risk losing you. This guy is just not interested enough but honestly, he’s doing you a huge favor.

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