What A Guy Wants In Bed But Won’t Ask For

We all want to satisfy and be satisfied in bed, but we don’t always give our partners exactly what we want or receive it, especially because it can be hard to voice those desires. As a guy, I can’t know for sure what women want in bed that they’re not telling us. However, I can share a few things guys want but for a variety of reasons will never come out and ask for.

For you to make the first move

It’s awesome when women make the first move and initiate sex. I don’t know why, but most women just aren’t down for it. However, most guys would love it if women made the first move, at least once in a while. It’s not like we can say, “Hey, why don’t you do something to get us started?”

To be the little spoon

No, it’s not particularly manly to be the little spoon, which is why no guy will ever come out and ask for it. However, there really is nothing better. How could anyone not like it? It feels so safe and comforting. Even in the 21st century, it seems weird for a guy to ask to be the little spoon, which is why we have to rely on you ladies to take charge and serve as the big one. Obviously, I understand why women don’t want to give up their little spoon privileges, but it only seems fair to switch it up sometimes.

To be given specific instructions

I know that some of us come across as selfish lovers, but most guys want to fulfill your needs in bed. The problem is that we don’t always know how to do that. Most guys would welcome receiving specific instructions on what we can do to keep you satisfied. Of course, if we ask, it makes us look like we don’t know what we’re doing. If you ladies could just give us clear instructions on what you’d like, both parties would be a lot happier.

For you to make a little noise

First of all, nobody wants to hear fake moans like a porn star during sex. That being said, we also don’t want to hear silence. It would be nice to give us some indication that you like what we’re doing or appreciate the effort. Again, if guys ask for this, it makes us seem like we don’t know what we’re doing. But if women could say “just like that” or “I like it when…” without us having to ask, that’d be great.

For you to play with yourself

Almost no guy will ask for it but just about any guy would love to see his partner touch herself as part of foreplay. I mean, eventually, we’ll want to get involved, but it can be a massive turn-on for guys if that’s something you’re comfortable doing. It’s just that it takes a lot of courage to ask that of your partner.

To keep the lights on

Most guys are visual creatures. We want to be able to look at you during sex. Plus, it’s nice to be able to see what’s going on, which means keeping the lights on. Most guys don’t ask for this because we know it’s not the norm and can make some women feel insecure, but we would love it at least sometimes.

A little teasing

Too much teasing is cruel, but most guys would be lying if they said they didn’t like their partner teasing them just a little. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or over the top. A sexy text or a provocative hand brush can get us excited and create some enjoyable sexual tension that almost feels like foreplay. But it’s not like when we can come out and ask you to tease us. Instead, this is something women will have to figure out on their own.

To leave the bedroom

Once a couple gets into a sexual routine, it can be hard to break. At a certain point, it’s hard to ask a woman to change it up. Just know that guys are typically open to taking lovemaking out of the bedroom even if they don’t ask. I’m not saying you have to do it in public places, but there are other rooms in the house. It’s just tough for guys to ask women to leave their comfort zone.

For you to use your mouth

I don’t have to explain what this means, right? Good. I think most guys understand why a lot of women don’t like doing it. That being said, it’s hard to put into words how amazing it feels, which is why guys are always in favor of it. Of course, some of us try to drop hints or guide you in the right direction, but it’s difficult to come right out and ask for it. Just know that we will be incredibly grateful for it.

For you to share your fantasies

It may not seem like it because some guys are selfish in bed and have ruined it for the rest of us. Still, a lot of guys are interested in hearing about your sexual fantasies and things you’d like to try in bed. We feel a little weird coming out and asking you to share, and a lot of that is on us. But if you’re willing to volunteer, a lot of guys are open-minded enough to listen to your sexual fantasies and try to make them come true.

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