What A Woman’s Shoes Say About How She’s Feeling

Women are complex beings. We can be extremely critical with the decisions that we make in everyday life, from something as simple as “What flavor of coffee should I get?” to much more important matters, like, “Should I marry this guy?” However, we always have a reason behind the decisions we make, and they usually have some kind of underlying meaning. Similar to choosing a shade of eye shadow, the color of our outfit, or our hairstyle, the type of shoes that a woman wears reflects a whole lot more than just what’s weather-appropriate. A woman’s shoe says a lot about how she’s feeling that day.

If you want to decode a woman’s shoe choices, you’re in luck – I’ve laid it all out for you.

Tall riding boots = Up for anything

Boots are a staple shoe when it comes to cold-weather fashion. They’re multi-purpose shoes that every woman owns for various types of occasions. They can work in an office setting or just meeting friends for a few drinks. Wearing tall riding boots says we’re ready for work or play – whatever comes our way.

Ankle Boots = Sleek and fashion-conscious

Whether it’s a heeled ankle boot or not, a woman wearing ankle boots is going for a sleek-fashion look. Ankle boots are not limited to any particular season, so it can work with any type of outfit anywhere from a short or long dress, cropped pants, or even a pair of shorts in the summertime.

Ballet Flats = Cute

The ballet flat is a classic and timeless shoe. It’s simple, elegant, and works with almost any outfit and it’s easy to walk since it forms to the foot (which is always a plus). Similar to the neutral nature of the tall riding boot, it can work in either an office setting or going out with friends.

Casual Sneakers = Lazy, yet productive

Every woman has her goto pair of “sneakers”, so to speak. Maybe it’s not necessarily a sneaker, but it’s definitely a shoe that you can spend all day in and be completely comfortable. Whether it’s a pair of Converse, Vans, or Toms, when a woman wears casual sneakers, you’ll most likely find having some kind of mental health day which usually means she’s running an errand. She’ll either be at the grocery store, grabbing a coffee, or just window shopping in town. Casual sneakers means “I’m ready to get sh*t done, but I don’t feel like dressing up”

Black Pumps = Sexy

Although some of us don’t like to admit it, women like feeling sexy. When it comes to those red carpet events in our lives, such as a friend’s bachelorette party or an extravagant birthday bash, we set our black pumps aside specifically for these occasions. A girl’s got to dress up every now and then and black pumps means she’s pulling out all the stops.

Wedges (Fun)

Heels don’t always make the cut when we want to add on a few inches in height, but wedges will definitely do the trick. We want to dress up our outfit a bit, but we don’t want to go all the way with an uncomfortable pair of heels which is why wedges work.

Peep-toes = Flirty

Not everyone is extremely comfortable with their toes and if we haven’t had a proper manicure, forget about showing them off – But, every once in a while, our toes have to make an appearance during those warm weather days. Peep-toe shoes, much like a spaghetti strap dress, say a lot about how we’re feeling and it’s definitely not shy.

Flat Sandals = Happy

For those of us who live in areas with cold, harsh winters, we long for nothing more than those warm summer days. We keep our sandals in the back of our closet, ready for those first few days of sunshine. Flat sandals mean we’re embracing the weather and are happy about the change in season.

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