What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone?

We spend a good portion of our lives asleep and dreaming. Dreams are magical and mysterious things that often leave us confused and full of questions. Unpacking what your dream is trying to tell you is not always easy because sometimes the interpretations are not obvious to you. Here’s what it could mean when you dream about someone.

  1. You’ve been thinking about the person. This is a fairly common situation. If you’ve been actively admiring someone or thoughts about them have made their way into your subconscious, it can manifest in your dreams. Maybe you like the person romantically, but they don’t feel the same, or you want to be more like them in some way. Maybe you don’t even care for them but you feel overshadowed or unappreciated by them.
  2. Someone will cause you emotional pain. Dreaming about a person could be a warning that there is hurt looming ahead and you need to be more cautious around them. It might be your subconscious trying to tell you that their motives aren’t all they’re cut out to be. You need to guard the places where you could be vulnerable to exploitation from them.
  3. You’re having a hard time moving on. I recently went through a terrible breakup that I didn’t see coming, and it made me feel sad and lonely all the time. I wanted them back and there was nothing I could do in reality to make that possible so they began showing up in my dreams in all kinds of scenarios. Having a dream about someone can mean you’re still holding on to past memories. It’s okay—healing is a journey and you’re allowed to go at your own pace.
  4. There’s something missing from your romantic life. If you dream about someone in a romantic situation, that’s a sign that you desire some romance in your life, more than you’re getting at the moment. Maybe you find your relationship is lacking in some respects or you’re secretly nursing a desire to explore parts of yourself that have been pushed aside. It just means you shouldn’t be afraid to take chances and try something new for a change.
  5. You’re conflicted and in need of closure. Sometimes dreaming about someone can indicate that there’s tension between you and them that has gone unresolved. Do you feel like there are issues keeping or could keep you at odds with them? Are you seeking reconciliation? Maybe you’re going through a rough patch so your subconscious is showing you people with whom you can find comfort.
  6. You’re avoiding vulnerability. Depending on your relationship with a person, having them showing up in your dream, especially in an intimate setting, could mean that you’re afraid of opening yourself up fully to love. You might be feeling jittery about your relationship or a bit detached. Whatever it is, it’s worth exploring further, so try digging deep into the dream and how it relates to your actual life.
  7. You’re wondering what life would be like with them. Sometimes people show up in our dreams because we’re contemplating or second-guessing the decisions we made in reality. It means that even though you might be happy with the way your life is at the moment, you can’t help being curious about how different it might have turned out. Maybe you’d be better off if you were with the person you’re dreaming about. You can’t know that for sure, but dreaming about what could have been is still exciting.
  8. They’re thinking about you. Surprise, surprise! Having a dream about someone could mean you’re in their thoughts or dreams. If you haven’t seen them in a while, there’s a good chance you might cross paths again soon. It’s also possible to dream about someone you see regularly as that might be a sign that they’ve been thinking about you lately. It’s often hard to decipher if what they have are negative or positive thoughts about you, but paying attention to their words, actions, and body language can help shed light on that front. If it’s someone you’re looking to connect to, you can tell them about the dream and see what they have to say.
  9. There’s a deep connection between you. Dreaming about someone you like or care about is a strong indicator that you’ve forged really close bonds with them. They’ve settled deep into your life and you’re comfortable having them there. It could be that you’ve fallen completely in love or you feel a closeness with them that is rare and wonderful but in a non-romantic way. Maybe your dream is trying to tell you to value and appreciate this person.
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