What Is The Strawberry Question And Why Are People Asking Their Partners?

TikTok is known for launching all the latest trends, from the hot girl walk to the 5-9 routine and everything in between. If you’re not on the video platform, chances are you might miss out on what’s happening there. Recently, the strawberry question gained popularity on TikTok, and people are giving their partners this mini-test to find out where they stand. Here’s what it’s all about and how you can ask it too.

What is the strawberry question on TikTok?

The strawberry question is going all around TikTok and is apparently a way to test your partner’s loyalty. In fact, it’s actually a series of questions that are meant to shed light on a person’s psyche, though it’s unlikely that there’s any real scientific basis behind it. However, that hasn’t stopped users from getting invested in it, with the topic having nearly 40 million views on TikTok and counting.

The strawberry question involves asking whether someone would go into a field full of the fruit and eat some if they were hungry. The person’s answer to the questions is meant to determine whether or not they would cheat in their relationship.

How it works


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Want to have some fun and try this for yourself? Here’s how to ask your partner the strawberry question.

  1. If you’re going past a ripe strawberry plant, would you stop to eat some? Strawberry plants are small bushes that grow just on top of the soil. In other words, they’re easy to access. Would your partner eat some? If they say yes, you go on to the second question.
  2. There’s a fence between you and the strawberries. How high is the fence? Do they climb it to get to the strawberries? This is multiple questions in one but it’s meant to shed light on whether or not the answerer would be intentional in their approach to eating the “forbidden fruit.”
  3. Once you’re in the field, how many berries do you steal? Do they just take one or two? Or, do they figure that since they’re there, they might as well eat their fill?
  4. A farmer sees you and begins to shout at you for eating the strawberries. How do you defend yourself? Does the person have a good defense for what they’ve done? Do they make excuses for why they’re eating the strawberries when asked the question?
  5. How do you feel about eating the berries overall? After all is said and done, do they feel guilty about stealing the strawberries? How did they taste? This question is meant to show whether or not a person would feel guilty for doing something they knew they shouldn’t, i.e. being unfaithful.

Do these questions really prove anything?


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♬ use this if youre gay – alex ◡̎

There are elements of the questions meant to parallel real life situations. For instance, if the fence separating the person from the strawberries is high, they’re said to have way more self-control when it comes to cheating. The “farmer” confronting the strawberry eater is meant to be the partner who was cheated on calling out the cheater.

It’s fun to think about, of course. However, it’s probably best not to base your entire relationship on a TikTok trend.

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