What It Means If He Calls You A “Psycho”

If you’ve been through a bad breakup with a toxic guy, chances are you’ve been called “psycho” once or twice. Nine times out of 10, it’s a cop-out guys use to deflect from their own crappy behavior, but just for fun, let’s find out once and for all whether you’re really crazy or he’s just an a-hole.

You’re courageous.

In the early 1900s, shortly before women gained the right to vote, President Woodrow Wilson and his buddies tried to have suffragist and female right’s activist Alice Paul locked up in an asylum for being crazy. After an examination by the doctor, it was found that Paul didn’t have a crazy bone in her body. It was then that the doctor explained to the men who wanted to lock her up that, “Courage in women is often mistaken for insanity.” So if some guy calls you a psycho, you’re definitely in fantastic company.

You speak your mind.

In a world where women need to speak our minds and be more assertive, this action is seen as bossy in a professional setting and psychotic in a personal setting. Hey, no woman got anywhere in life by being silent. Never forget that.

You don’t beat around the bush.

When women just put things out there, it scares men, especially the weak ones—and there are many. It’s because of this that men are able to so easily dismiss a direct, confident woman as psycho. It’s simply because they have no idea what else to call you! Since calling you what you are, direct and assertive, is technically a compliment for us, it’s meant to be an insult from them. Oy vey.

You allow yourself to be emotional.

Emotional women are totally insane, at least in the eyes of men. We cry, we pout, our faces get all red puffy, we go through a bunch of tissue, then we cry some more. It’s literally the craziest thing out there! *eye roll*

You’re not afraid of confrontation.

When a woman speaks up, whether in a relationship or in Congress, she’s immediately deemed crazy, because of course. Screw that. Speaking up just means you’re not willing to settle for second best. You know who has no problem with settling for a second best? A psycho who’s willing to take a back seat to their life and never stand up and scream, “Hey! What about me?”

You don’t buy into BS.

If your partner is feeding you lies and you know it so you call him out on it, you’d better believe the “psycho” description isn’t too far behind. Whenever a man is backed into a corner where he isn’t believed, he does what any other weak man does: starts pointing fingers at the woman (or women) in his life and yelling psycho.

You did a bit of online stalking.

We live in a world of modern technology and no one can blame you if you do a bit of online stalking. In fact, we’re all guilty of it whether or not we’re ever labeled a psycho by a man because it’s human to be curious. It’s normal to want to see what your partner’s ex looks like, just like it’s normal to want to creep on your ex’s Instagram to see if they’re really getting along very well without you. These are not the actions of a psycho; these are the actions of someone who’s alive in 2019 and has social media at the tips of their fingers.

You sought a little revenge.

As someone who sent my cheating husband poop back in 2016, I completely support seeking revenge on someone who has wronged you. Is sending your cheating husband horse crap 100% sane? Well, yes, under the circumstances it was. Was I deemed crazy by him and other men, who knew nothing about me online? Oh, hell yeah. I was a “crazy bitch” who disrespected a man. Who the hell did I think I was? Um, a woman with a brilliant idea. Honestly, from that day on, if any man called me psycho, I wore it like a badge of honor.

Trying to insult a woman by questioning her mental stability isn’t just gaslighting but old news. It lacks creativity and is simply boring. So, no you’re not psycho. No matter what he says.

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